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Get off the beach, The Tsunami Duo are crashing on in!
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Coral drawing 2.png
Species Octoling
Height 165.10 (5'5")
Hair color Brown/Purple
Eye color Teal
Age 21
Gender Female
Relations Unknown parents, Bubble (twin brother), Grandfather (DJ Octavio)
Location Splatsville, the Splatlands, Alterna

Bubble drawing 2.png
Species Octoling
Height 165.10 (5'5")
Hair color Blonde/Orange
Eye color Teal
Age 21
Gender Male
Relations Unknown parents, Choral (twin Sister), Grandfather (DJ Octavio)
Location Splatsville, the Splatlands, Alterna
  • REMEMBER* this is just fan speculation, its just made up things from my head

the tsunami duo

the Tsunami Duo, the names of the idols are Coral (Coral has a more cheery personality, but is a bit sassy and lazy. She can be a bit goofy at times just to keep the mood up. Her main weapon is the Tri-Stringer. Her cheery personality has earned fer the nickname of "the Octoling version of Callie") and Bubble (Bubble is a bit laid back yet energetic, and he sometimes makes rude comments, but always means well. He constantly makes puns but never was really a big fan of them. His preferred weapon is the Octobrush. His laid back personality has earned him the nickname of "the Octoling version of Marie"). Both Choral and Bubble have two different color eyes, and are half a year younger than Pearl, and a bit less mature, Bubble is a bit more mature than Coral, Coral just wants to be a kid again. Their Grandfather is DJ Octavio.

stuff about them

Both Coral and Bubble were born with more tentacles than your average Octoling, along with more vocal cords, thus having thin skin, for a while they took medicine to have the normal thickness of skin, but instead made them immune to water, so they have to wear a protective suit under their clothes. The protective suit has shoes connected to them (similar to Batman's super suit) and Choral and Bubble call it "Fashion".

Early life

Of course, they were born in the Octarian society, and they were little trouble-makers, so on a bad day they decided to run away, and they ran all the way to Calamari County, coincidentally in the middle of a performance of the Chorus Of Calamari County, and thus, freeing their souls from the oppression of the octarian society, but after they heard it their growth cycle rapidly increased and they looked like children. (similar to how Callie and Marie looked like normal children as kids)

how they became The Tunami Duo

When Coral and Bubble got older they moved to Inkopolis and went through some sort of "Emo" phase, Coral wanted to take some Guitar lessons, along with some other instrement lessons Bubble wanted to take some Drum lessons, and also takes some other interement lessons. later they met Pearl when she was still in her solo career and helped create the music for her song: #$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepen, after that they decided to quit because Choral and Bubble thought it was "too explicit", but they are still really good friends with Pearl. Coral and Bubble made a new group named "the Tsunami Duo" and only made Rock music for a while, but it went downhill after their first live performance, Coral liked the idea of a multi-genre type of group, but Bubble wasn't a big fan of it but went with it to make Choral happy.
During the events of Splatoon 2, their music was in the top 40 music charts, and became really big fans of the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook. After the events of Splatoon 2 and Splatsville was getting Popular, they moved to Splatsville and became extremely popular and became the news hosts for Splatsville news. eventualy while on a walk in the Splatlands they ran into Cap'n Cuttlefish (before he was retired), he said he needed new agents to look after things, he also said that he was going to retire soon, and that the current Agent 3 was going to take over as Captain of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. So Coral and Bubble became Agents 5 and 6, and on the search for a new Agent 3.

Coral and Bubble's Special weapon's

Coral's Special weapon is Ultra Stamp like but it uses her side of the Tsunami logo and it looks almost exactly like her guitar, it is also significantly bigger as well. its name is The 5 Stamp.

Bubble's Special weapon is Tenta Missiles like, it still has the humongis canons, but they are way bigger and he uses his Drums to fire them. its name is The 6 Missiles.

currently known Music

Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S2 Icon Pearl 2.png
Pearl, Choral, and Bubble
#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin
S3 first trailer key art.png
The Tsunami Duo
the new Splattack! remix


  • both choral and bubble are based of of other characters from my brain, Luna & Solg
  • their protective suits are based off of wet suits
  • Both Coral and Bubble are based on the Giant Pacific Octopus
    • they also say that they are short for their age
    • their Octopus forms are also huge as heck

names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オクタロック
Octoroks (literally Octoroks from The Legend of Zelda)
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 落ち着いて、オクタロックをオンに!
Ochitsuite, okutarokku o on ni!
calm down and turn on Octorok!

Translation notes

i used google Translate so not completely accurate