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You have to work hard to rise to X Rank. That is why X Rankers won't lose, but it's also why you won't lose. You have what it takes to win.
Vintage talking to Double-Egg during their fight with Team Blueperor.

Stuff about me:

So... um... hi, YourUsername. The name's Penperry. I'm an ordinary Splatoon player who isn't too great at editing... so I'm just learning as I go. Since I'm a noob and all, feel free to give advice regarding coding and whatnot. I'm also a fan of the manga, so people can ask me questions about that using the discussion tab above. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. (Also, please don't edit my page unless there is a noticeable typo in it.)


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My Stats
Level 34
Tower Control A-
Rainmaker A-
Splat Zones B+
Clam Blitz B-
Cash Usually around 30,000.
Super Sea Snails Literally none.
Octo Canyon 100%
Octo Expansion Got the Golden Toothpick.