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Why helo you have entered the domain of PlayR489

Welcome to my page. I'm PlayR, a Nintendo enthusiast who owns around 150 games over about 5 consoles. I own a majority of the first party titles on Wii U, my 3DS library is about 20 games, and I have about $250 worth of downloadable games spanning over all of my consoles. Besides that, I'm a competitive Super Smash Bros for Wii U player who hopes to be at some tournaments in the next few months. I hope to see you all! Oh, and I also have a website. It is a weebly for now, but in the next year it will most likely be indie. So if you want to visit that place, click the link. [1]

Splatoon Stats

Last Updated: 10/9/15 Level: 27 Rank: B- Main Weapon: Custom Jet Squelcher Kill Average: 8 Death Average: 3 Turf Average: 950p In Game Name- PlayR489

Splatfest Teams

Cats Vs. Dogs-   Cats Rollercoasters Vs. Waterslides- Waterslides Marshmallows Vs. Hot Dogs- Marshmallow Autobots Vs. Decepticons- Decepticons Art Vs. Science- Science Cars Vs. Planes- Planes (and you're a fool if you vote for cars)