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Rezb1t (formerly known as Cray) is a North American competitive Splatoon player who specializes in chargers and splattlings. He has played for several teams including Choke Squad, JFG , Team Chimera , and Synergy. Currently sniper for Team Chimera and captain of Synergy.

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  • Rezb1t joined the competitive scene when joining Choke Squad in September 2015. His first tournament with them was Booyah Battle 2 where he earned 2nd place.
  • After Choke Squad, Rezb1t continued competitive Splatoon by joining JFG after JFG's sniper Thryack left. He joined in time for the S&F tournament. At the Calamari Cup 3, Rezb1t met Tim (fellow competitive player). Unfortunately, JFG disbanded March 1, 2016, leaving Rezb1t teamless.
  • Rezb1t was left team-less for a few weeks which gave him plenty of time to join other events. On March 4, 2016, Rezb1t joined Team USA for the The European Championship of Splatoon with Fuzzy, Walkman, Tim, DTM, and EvulSoldier. As a result, Team USA took first place after Team Finland.
  • On April 2, 2016, Rezb1t joined the pick up squad named Chimera for SCL 14. Chimera included Sendou (Name Subject to Change captain) and DUDE (Team Paradise member) whom Rezb1t knew from JFG scrims. After placing at SCL 14, Rezb1t stayed for the official establishment of Team Chimera.
  • In August, Rezb1t formed the temporary team named Club Rezb1t for Squidstorm 2016. Club Rezb1t was defeated by Shin-Ryu in the quarterfinals 0-3.
  • On November 2016, Splatoon teamed with Battelefy to host the Splatoon Showdown Series for North American players. Needing a trust worthy team, Rezb1t asked Sorapol, Tim, and Ant to establish Synergy. The success of their establishment was shown through their final results in SSS. Their results include placing 1st in Splat Zones and Rainmaker.
  • In December 2016, Rezb1t was one of the few competitive community members to participate in Splatoon's DPoTG ( Don't Park on the Grass) hosted by EndGameTV. Alongside DUDE, Wolf, and Pixel; Rezb1t played for the Team ChimeraDome. As a result, ChimeraDome flawlessly defeated Strange Approach in the finals 7-0.


Official Teams Membership Still on Team?
Choke Squad September 2015- 2016 No
JFG January 2016- March 2016 No
Team Chimera April 2016 - Currently Yes
Synergy November 2016 - Currently Yes