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Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
- Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (beautiful, life-changing movie)
S2 Mem Cake Toxic Mist.png Not on a hiatus but still pretty salty.
Previously I was sick and pretty dreary which led me to take a break from editing, but I have gotten better for the most part. ("for the most part" being a key phrase here. I am not in the best mood still.)
Check out my Bandcamp if you want here. I mean, if you like synthwave and very, very experimental vaporwave, then you'll like it there.

About Me

What’s up YourUsername. I’m Princewave (not “Prinzwave”,) or Penperry if you know me on my Switch or from YouTube, and I joined because I couldn’t stand how patheti– er… lacking the manga section was. You'll usually find my edits revolving around manga or community-related subjects.

I edit manga character pages periodically, and I’ve made pages for Laceless, Double Egg, Red Sole, Fierce, Jet, Justice, and the Guardians.

For those of you who want to know more about me personally, I am female irl and I like art and graphic design. Some other video game franchises I’m into include Sonic the Hedgehog and Ecco the Dolphin. Additionally, I’m also intrigued by portable cassette and MiniDisc players. (Not the crappy modern players that sketchy Chinese sellers pump out.) Anyways, I don’t like revealing too much of myself on a public site like this, so I’m gonna wrap this section up. Have fun reading the rest of this page!

Manga Characters

Here is a small list of some of my favorite characters from the manga and my opinions on them.

Character Description
I’m just going to throw it out there: Hivemind is a pretty freaking awesome character. Step aside Vintage, this guy is the most lethal, diabolical Inkling out there. From wanting to become the supreme leader of the Order World, to brainwashing his teammates to do what he wants, this guy’s got it all. As a very loyal supporter of Team Order, I bet Hivemind and I were equally as distraught when Order was revealed to have lost the Final Fest. (We could’ve gotten a futuristic dystopia with hoverboards for crying out loud!) Hivemind has a cool weapon, even cooler gear, and… and… woah. I should probably stop acting like my mind has been hijacked by him…

Battle Theme: Crazy Robo (E-101β) - Sonic Adventure

Battle Theme if Order Won: Grand Doomer - Kirby Planet Robobot

Ah, this guy. I don't like talking about him much, so all I can say is that he tends to play a major role in the very occasional fanfic I devise, as well as in... blue dreams...

Theme: Boss (Beta Mix) - Plok A little bit of the Hotline Miami ost won't hurt, right..?

Misc. Content

Some other things I want to put on my page that are not important enough to have their own category.

Splatfests (S2)
Splatfest My Title Reason Why
No-Pulp Fangirl My first Splatfest! I slightly prefer No-Pulp but I really don't care if my orange juice has pulp or not like some people do.
Squid Champion Oh boy, I vividly remember my brother and I freaking out because we thought this Splatfest was gonna be the final and most important fest for Splatoon 2, deciding the fate of the next game like Callie vs. Marie. Welp. It wasn't. While my brother chose Team Octopus, I chose Team Squid, mainly due to Inklings being significantly more expressive and having that edge that Octolings just can't seem to achieve. (I also really dislike the suckers on the outside of their tentacles...)
Spoon Queen For some reason, I was really passionate about this Splatfest in particular, defending my choice of Team Spoon like there was no tomorrow. My bro and I would argue day and night about whether forks or spoons were better, we would laugh at the Fork Knife vs. Spoon 2 posts, and it was overall one of my favorite Splatfests. (I'm still crying over Nintendo not rematching them in 2020...)
Retro Fiend I liked Team Modern's icon and it's ink color way more than Team Retro's, but all that swanky new tech just isn't as cool or unique as stuff from the past. I feel like if Team Retro didn't have such an awful ink color and icon, then more people would've chosen it.
Treat Fiend I have quite the sweet tooth irl...
Guac Fangirl Both are disgusting, but a wise man once said: "When in doubt, choose Team Marina."
Villain Champion I was really hoping for a Christmas-themed fest but whatever... I don't even play SSBU but I chose Team Villain 'cuz they usually have an actual personality and don't just stare into the void like most protagonists do.
Friend Queen Do you think that a teen would want to hang out with their boring old family instead of some friends? The ink color for Team Friend is amazing too. Loved the scenery in this Splatfest.
uh... Despite my unending loyalty to Team Order, I will confess that I never actually participated in this Splatfest. I was really out of the Splatoon mood after Fam vs. Friend, and lazy ol' me didn't play the game again until Splatoon 3, our lord and savior, was revealed. And I have yet to not regularly play Splatoon after that.
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S2 Final Fest Murch and Hyperbomb.jpg

Murch is probably my favorite
character in the Spoon franchise,
and is a perfect example of a rowdy,
rule-breaking individual being on
Team Order. He has his morals too,
you know.

If Murch is nowhere to be found in
S3, or if he gave in to the allure
of chaos then I will cry.

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