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Vandalism is an act resulting in things from lying to death threats to blacking a page. There seems to be many types to the point where it seems overwhelming. It differentiates from Spam and similar activities. Users such as User:Heddy bear and User:Prinz The Pooperlord show that they have low opinions of fellow editors, (In such Prinz and heddy). Others feel that they should out do these vandals, a cruel game that results in the wiki being downright unreadable. As a victim of this, I want to reduce the amount of vandalism. While the adminare doing their very best (Can't stress enough).

Different types and problems

False info: Dangerous to the reader, who may be unassuming and end up losing matches or having an account hacked. Examples include Making a bad guide. Can be acidental. Gibberish: Makes our wiki unreadable, this is close to false info but is just annoying. Often Insults: Making fun of a user can offend and make them leave in severe cases. An example of this is making fun of the user's Nationality. Frequent in short bursts Useless external links: Close Cousin of spam, examples including having an ad for say... a vacum cleaner. Commonish Falsely accusing: Saying a perfectly innocent editor done your edits, it'll get you nowhere. Fairly rare though.

How Admin help

Administrators are very useful, they can

  • Block the user
  • Protect vulnerable pages
  • Give helpful advice

So don't be afraid to tell.

How YOU can help!=

You can help too! Here's how

  • Revert any vandalism
  • Ignore the vandal
  • Tell an admin.

But why do vandals...vandalise?

They usually are cruel people looking for some cheap laughs. The sort of sad person who likes making fun of others.

HELP! I was impersonated!=

Some impersonators are far more obvious than others like "Prinz the overlord" and "Prinz the pooperlord" or something as small as capitalising in a different place. No worries though! People will know the real deal.