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Gloves: Oh cod I just got a text! My parents... they're dead!!!
Prinz: Oh poor you!
Gloves: Not really, they always treated me horrid.
Prinz: By that do you mean, neglected and hated or no Pudding. BECAUSE EMPEROR HATES IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.
Gloves: I don't wanna go into it.
Emperor: As I said before, you're our family Gloves.
Queenie: wait if Aunty and Uncle ADOPTED!? But that would mean you're my cousin
Gloves: Adoptive.
Emperor: You guys are like those soaps my mum watches. I want to Enjoy this sort of company! And yes it's an amazing idea. But what WILL our parents think of this? Father will obviously be okay, but would have to make sure hes healthy. He's already got one sick as a dog. Mother might be annoyed with him clearly, she hates peasants, no offence.
Gloves: None taken. I mean yeah I lived in a damp ridden dump for a year. My parents didn't kick me out, I ran away. That's why I never moved back.
Queenie: Old Ink guard and Enperrial would be okay with it.
  • Confused Gloves intensifys*
Queenie: Our grandparents
Gloves: OHhhhhh
Katie: Errr... guys? This is taking pretty long.
Gloves: Is just me or *yank* Emperor's getting his ink back?
Queenie: You are!
Emperor: Let go!
Prinz: Emperor... thats great! Now we can do Turf war!
Emperor: No if I run out of the ink I have left... I'll die.
Prinz *concerned*: Okay then...
Queenie: Katie! Is it okay if I give him food
Katie: Yes, he should be Okay with it,
Queenie: I saved this for you...
Emperor: A Shwaffle flavoured tub of ice cream?! Thanks