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Emperor age 14

"Hey you know, you are just asking me to fire!" Goggles laughed. He held Prinz by the neck of his Albacore High blazer. He had stolen my weapon off me. He went up to me and got my glasses and snapped the frames. I stood there at the blurs and heard something. Queenie. She was with Gloves. She was still recovering from her Sanitisation. Eight came with Dr Ikasan. He handed me my glasses and Gloves fixed them. He was used to fixing broken stuff, he had found his old main in a bin and fixed it. Goggles had a firm grip on Prinz's neck, it was red and raw. Queenie ran over, she was panicked. "Thanks... Queenie," he whezed. I looked at Gloves, he was always skinny but now he was spectre-thin. He never had enough to eat as his parents had abandoned him very young. Him and Eight talked to the headmaster. Queenie got her finger and thumb and went around his wrist, she commented on how unhealthy and down he looked. Prinz asked him if he wanted to have dinner at our house. Gloves accepted. Queenie watched the news, annoyed by how it was all Turf war. I ordered Squidmouth about, wondering when dinner would be ready. Then we sat down at our table, by the 400 inches home cinema. "Man this is small!" I commented, but Gloves looked at me and told me that it is a veritable feast for him, but then again a small pack of microwave noodles are manna from heaven to him. On the table was shwaffles and all sorts of fish, including tuna teriyaki, my favourite, and lots of meat