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Queenie Monarch's diary

"Queen, it all comes down to you," Emperor said. The entire team was surrounded. I took my dualies out of my coat and splatted everyone of them. Prinz smiled at me, as if to say I was a good replacement for Squidkid Jr, who was reported missing by 'Off the hook'. We painted away until we had to stop. We clearly had won, Judd announced us the winners. That was my first match with my new team, Team Emperor.

"Hey, want to head down to Ammo Knights? I hear Sheldon wants to speak to you" Emperor asked me. I nodded "but you have to buy me a galactic shwaffle afterwards!" He looked at me and started laughing,"Queen we are cousins,but no," Sheldon was waiting for the team to show up, to show us a new set of dualies,"Hello, Hello" He yelled loudly "Emperor, Prinz, Queen, and... What is your name? Anyway I know that your favourite weapon is the Splat dualies, and you all love Enperry! I asked them if they would help me out. I present the Enperry dualies!" They were a golden colour at the tips and had the Enperry logo on them."Oh My Cod!" Emperor screamed, and then he fainted,"Well that was not the reaction I was expecting,still it is nice to see someone who loves weaponry as much as I do," Sheldon said. I could see Prinz was worrying so I whisked him off for a super saver latte and a shwaffle. "Why does your brother love Enperry so much,I mean yes it's nice but..." I asked Prinz. "I truly dont know but," he lowered his voice "I think he wants to show of to Ika-kun,also he likes the regal design." We went back to Ammo Knights to find Emperor sitting down, and for some reason Goggles of all people was there. "Queenie! I just wanna say..." he yelled "You joined the wrong team, by the way I totally got the entire thing on video." In case you are wondering, Why don't we get on, he bullied me at school for 5 years and loved secretly dissing my cousins. I sat down next to Emperor, I noticed he looked as if he had saw a ghost. "Hello Queenie, Why did Goggles record it? Well it is clear that he hates us, I'm just worried about Prinz." He pulled his sleeve up and fingered a deep scar, one that Googles done when he was at school. About 5 minutes later, Prinz showed up. "Hey Queen, you know blue team, the one with Goggles. They posted this, its gone viral.". He took his SquidPhone out of his pocket. Emperor snatched it and tried to snap it. "Prinz, sorry its just...nothing." Emperor mumbled as he stood up and walked away to the family mansion.

Emperor ordered Squidmouth, his family butler, to not breath a word about it, lifted some Crusty Sean's Shwaffle flavour ice cream, and went to his room."It is just a stupid video, it cannot change me." He yelled when Prinz entered the room and sat down. "Did no one teach you to knock, any way we have a turf war in five, call Queenie and N-pacer."

We raced over to Blackbelly Skatepark to find out who we were up against."Okay guys lets go for the usual..." I whispered, when I bumped into Goggles! "Hey Emperor, Ready to lose!" he yelled while throwing his main at us, he was using an eliter 4k today. Bobble hat was still smiling, and Headphones and Specs were throwing us dirty looks. We painted like there was no tomorrow,even though Goggles was up to his dirty tricks again,like snatching one of my dualies and throwing it out-of-bounds.I pounced on him with my one dualie and splatted him. It was easy from there."Time!!!" Judd yelled "Team Emperor have won by 97.5%!" I was walking to Crusty Sean's when we saw Goggles, and he didn't look happy, in his left hand was his e-liter. I told Prinz to get behind me, "Queenie" he spluttered. "It's okay, Prinz dont worry, he's not allowed his weapon in the square. Then he charged it and fired. We dodge rolled in the nick of time."Hey, squiddo watch where you're aiming that thing!", yelled Crusty Sean, "Prinz, Queenie are you okay?" I nodded but Prinz didn't look to sure. He offered us food and drink, Prinz took one tiny bite of shwaffle and left his latte untouched. "I should call Emperor," I exclaimed to Sean. Emperor was appalled "It's bad enough you but Prinz,that is just wrong on so many levels." He said as he hurried to the van. Emperor, as self centered as may seem, has hearts of gold. He immediately called the inkopolis police on Goggles. I Realised, maybe Blue team was involved in the disappearance of Squidkid Jr.

"He still looks really scared, Crusty! Are you ok Prinz?" I said while he nodded lightly. We all walked to the family mansion."Come here,whats wrong with Prinz?", Aunty asked. "Mum I do not want to tell you with everyone here.", Emperor replied. Me and Prinz sat down on the pristine white seating chatting. N-pacer wiped her shoes on the mat and came in. Uncle was in his armchair reading something on his phone. Prinz went near as white as the sofa when I gave him a hug. He ordered Squidmouth to make him a small dish of caviar then he saw the look on my face, "Can I possibly have two?", Squidmouth nodded. N-pacer mumbled something about not wanting anything. Emperor came back into the room with aunty."Oh Prinz," she sighed "Goggles used to beat our Queenie and Emperor nonstop. Goodness knows why though." He missed the shot but his Octoking tee underneath was blue with ink "Its okay, Queenie took the worst of it." Then she moved onto me, she ruffles my tentacles every time she sees me, which is a lot more now Mum and dad have gone. Then there was a knock on the door, Emperor ran to the door. It was Goggles and Crusty Sean. Emperor called me, aunty and Prinz to the door. "Goggles here wants to say sorry, don't you." Crusty called. "No, I don't. The police are here though." Then he dropped his voice "I'll attack them with an E-liter." Prinz gasped while Emperor just looked sad. "Any way, are they okay, there is Queen's rucksack," Crusty asked. "I'm not completly sure myself, Queen seems okay, but Prinz, as you can see, is shaking like a leaf." Then Emperor chiped in, "Well I hope you get what you deserved, no one, I mean no one, messes with me, Queen, or my brother. And if you try to shoot either, in or out of turf war, I will destroy you. Also do you have any shwaffles? They are delicious." Crusty sighed while Goggles laughed, we let Crusty in and then Emperor slammed the door on Goggles' face. But Goggles let himself in, he was armed again, with the dualies that he had thrown out of bounds. He locked us in away from the police and shot the dualie, it caught me, it hit me hard, and then I fell to the floor.

"Queenie, are you okay", I heard a familar voice, though it sounded worried and scared. I opened my eyes, it was Emperor."Mum, I think Queenie's okay" He said. "Where is Prinz, he must be worried!" At that moment the police came through to search for Goggles. "He is up the stairs on the third floor, Prinz" he shouted. He came down. Emperor called one of the officers over to phone an ambulance for me. "There now, lie down on the sofa, its gonna be okay.", Emperor said. Prinz came down and looked horrified."Brother, is Queenie alright? Mother and father are up stairs if you need them." Prinz asked quietly. "Yes Prinz, Queenie is fine, aren't you?". "Well considering what has just happened I am in a bit of pain, otherwise I am okay," I replied. One of the officers came in with Goggles and gave me back my dualies."Can I have a word with your parents?", She asked Emperor. He told her where they were. Prinz is usually the nicest of us, but not today. He went after Goggles yelling at him, and tried to even kick him in the shins. Emperor asked Matsuri, one of the many servants, to get the first aid kit. "There we go!" She said after wrapping the wound up. I turned on the tv to watch Inkopolis today. "This is good, noodles?" Emperor said holding a bowl of egg noodles. Prince and I nodded. "Hey guys this is Emperor, I am here to say a new, exclusive, Enperry store is now in Inkopolis Square!", Tiny Emperor said on the Tv, while Emperor was eating his noodles. I checked my watch, it was only 2:50! Aunty came down with a police officer, "You wouldn't have thought anything happened in here! The kids look happy." Prinz, Emperor, we are going down to the police station. If you need anything, ask Cassie.", Aunty told us. We went back to watching TV, while Emperor checked his phone ,messaging Mr Grizz about what happened. Apparently, Goggles was wanted for stealing gear and weaponry. The blue ink made the cut even more painful. I winced,when Emperor hugged me, one single tear dropped down his face. "When I get Goggles..." He muttered as Prinz put his coat on. We asked where was he going. "Somewhere." We saw the X-Blood logo on his tee, and asked "Are you gonna see the X-Blood match, we have to come!" Emperor and Vintage were best friends years ago, they still are. Emperor ran upstairs and swapped his Chirpy Chips tee for a old tee shirt saying "Go Vintage!!!". Emperor practically ran the entire way to Moray Towers. "Emperor. is. insane!", Prinz proclaimed. When we got there, Emperor ran off to see Vintage. "Hey,Vintage! Long time since we have seen each other." Emperor said to Vintage, who quietly said hi and nodded. Then we heard an all too familiar voice, Rider." stepped in my ink, then you lose to Goggles, then your little cousin gets...", he was interrupted by Emperor who jumped on him, "Insult me, peasant, but think twice before messing with Queenie!". Prinz ran off so I went to look for him. "Why you.." Rider yelled, while Emperor backed away. We all ran to the match, it was Rainmaker. "I love watching it, but my only A+, you know?". The boy sitting next to us was familiar, somehow. "Hi, this is so cool!", he said, then I realised it was Gloves. "Hello Gloves, are you a fan of X-Blood?". "Yeah, but you know Rider reserved the seat next to you.". Emperor edged away from the seat. "Seriously, you ain't friends with anyone even remotely connected to Blue Team, though it was kinda funny when he pantsed Rider, wasn't it.". Then match started, I could see why Emperor was such a fan, they were like us, their entire team were cool-headed. I liked how they all got on with it, not making fun or joking, no pantsing, unlike Rider who was deliberatly slurping his drink loudly, yelling and whining when the other team lost. Emperor was focused on the game, he loves Rainmaker nearly as much as turf war. Prinz looked at the teamwork, no one said anything but they all worked together. At exactly 1:00, they landed the Rainmaker! There was a large cheer, from Emperor, specifically "Yes! Go X-Blood!". Prinz stared at him. We got home and found N-Pacer. "Emperor?", She scoffed, "I have always been the cool one, the queen, and then you replaced me with...HER! This is it...I quit!", As she slammed the door. About five minutes later we heard a knock. "Hello guys, can I join your team?" It was Gloves. "Of course you can! Any friend of Queenie is a friend of ours!", Prinz said, excited. Gloves practically superjumped. "Yes! Thank you Emperor, thank you Prinz, but most of all thanks Queenie!", as he hugged me real tight. "But we will need to get the team outfit for you!" Emperor exclaimed. Then they both left for the Enperry Flagship. "Hey Prinz, wanna go downtown with me and Omega?", I asked. "Yes please, can we go to Inkopolis plaza? I wanna play Squid jump.", Prinz asked. He turned his ink blue with a bit of red, like X-Blood. When we heard a sharp rap on the door, I opened it. "Um..Hi?" It was Vintage and Omega. We walked down to Headspace when we saw someone try to enter Ammo Knights, Goggles. Prinz clung to me "I'm scared!", He shrieked, when a horrible thought came into my head, I looked over next to the shoal, the Emperry Flagship, Emperor and Gloves lifeless on the floor. "Emperor!" I screamed as I ran to the shop. Goggles followed me. Emperor and Gloves were perfectly okay. "Goggles", Emperor gasped. "is behind you.". I looked. He was wearing different clothes, but it was Goggles, he was holding a splattershot jr he had stole. He held it towards the four of us. He fired it, then I grabbed everyone and took them out of the shop. "He. Never. Quits!" Gloves screamed, then we looked at Emperor. "I'm okay guys, it's just like turf war, it'll wear off." Prinz got Vintage and Omega over. "I am sick of Goggles!", Emperor cried, just as Goggles came out. "Now to finish the job!" He held his weapon next to Emperor. He ran around him, wasting all his ink and then when he went to shoot, he was out of ink. "Back to shopping then, I guess.", he said as they entered the shop. When we all went off to the shooting range, I got a call from Gloves. "Hello Gloves!", Prinz said down the phone. "Hello, Prinz can you ask Queenie to come, Goggles is here!" I ran over to find Goggles holding his Splattershot to Emperor's head, the jellies were trying to interfere, but he began shooting. "Alright,Goggles, this just got personal!", I screamed, kicking his shins with my Enperrials, and ran off. Gloves swiped his card to pay for all the clothes and we all left. In the window, I saw Marina's outfit for Chaos vs. Order, and begged Emperor for it. He got one in my size! "I am wearing this!", I said, while Emperor was buying Prinz the new Omega-3 album and matching hoodie. He saw the headphones and bought them too. The next day I woke up to find a leaflet in the letterbox, it had a note with it from Gloves. "Hey wanna sign up? I've saw Emperor shredding his guitar, and Prinz on the decks. I have a drum kit somewhere. -Gloves". A leaflet for a band, Off the hook needed a secondary act, and the auditions were next week. Emperor approved, we went over to Starfish Mainstage and Emperor started playing a song he written for me years ago, Monarch! Gloves played the drums, and Prinz did vocals and the keytar. "Squid or kid, you decide, you can run but you can't hide!", I sung. Emperor began on his guitar, and was interrupted by Off the hook. " way! Hey, RINA! Emperor in da house!", Pearl screamed. "Oh hello there", Marina replied, "It's nice to meet you...Emperor. We were literally just covering an article on you! I'm sorry about going for Challenger, it was just a splatfest!". Emperor said she need not apologise, it was okay. Marina noticed my outfit, and said it was her one from Chaos vs. Order. Prinz greeted Pearl, even though he likes Marina more. "Mar...Marina! Wow! How do you get so good at keytar?", Prinz said, while performing some music. Pearl was far more straightforward. "Dude, ya haven't been on turf war since forever!" Emperor mumbled about the ink and pain of Goggles. Pearl pulled an annoyed face. "You know you may be a spoiled little princess, but I. AM. THE. KING!", Emperor yelled. Prinz started laughing and I joined in. Gloves just looked chill. Pearl looked at Emperor in a weird way, and walked off. I heard laughter in the corner and a glimpse of a splatterscope, Goggles! "Goggles, how does he follow us?!", Gloves asked. Prinz tried to persuade him to join his squid party, but he charged and fired, at all of us. "Squid Party!!!", Prinz screamed, still partying. Gloves got the worst of it. "My trendy outfit! Goggles!!!". Emperor went up to him and threw the splatterscope out of bounds. Gloves kicked him hard. "Emperor looked happy with our team, not as serious or competitive, just happy.". He started laughing and hugged Prinz who was far too busy squid partying. Me and Gloves went downtown for some sushi. "Salmon?", I asked Gloves. "No, I like tuna, want some?". Emperor came in with Prinz, "Two salmon roe sushi please," he asked. He sat down, flicking the ink off his shirt.

Emperor Monarch: 28 August

I decided I would write about myself,Queenie and Prinz are doing so.I am deeply concerned about Queenie and Prinz,that Goggles may harm them.Today we have started a band,a secondary act to Off the Hook.I noticed something,that August is named after a human emperor,so it is technically my very own month.Queenie has just ordered salmon roe sushi and we are all sharing "That reminds me...remember the time we all ended up doing Salmon run?" Gloves asked me."Yes,we never saw Goggles for half a year!" I replied getting a sushi roll,just before Prinz snatched it and had it himself.My shellphone started ringing,it was Squidkid?! I told everyone and picked it up "Hello..Goggles." the call was distorted and glitchy "!" Prinz coughed on his sushi roll,but I was too busy "Hello Squidkid,are you okay? Where are you? This is Emperor." The only words we could make out were "Deepsea metro" "Goggles" and "Help",then it cut off."What was that?!" Prinz asked me,trying to eat my sushi again.Queenie was drawing me,then she showed me."Am I really that tall?" I asked and she nodded.Sometimes I think Queenie might be even better than me at ranked,she is rank X by the way.I heard the door open and immediately thought the worst.It was Vintage."Sorry about calling you trash,I have now learned that everyone is special in thier own way," hearing this,Prinz and Queenie hugged him.Me and Gloves rolled our eyes.Then he came in."Hey!!!" Goggles laughed,"You really do never give up!" Queenie replied.Blah blah blah im emperor.I didn't write that."Goggles!" I screamed,as he drew a weird doodle of me.

Prinz's inner feelings

Life is great now Emperor is here,being head of a team is hard.There is one thing that is on my mind,and it is called Goggles.He shot Queenie last week and tried to shoot Emperor this morning. I will never forget the time I went one-on-one with Goggles,We didn't have Gloves or Queenie back then. I do not miss being head of New-Per,anyway Laceless now has his own team.As I left to pinch a sushi roll,Goggles got hold of this journal.I am an idiot and Goggles can eat all the sushi.XP."Oi you," Queenie screamed "What have we done to ever wrong you,Prinz is only 14!" I tried to rub it out and say thank you.I hugged her,and took Emperor's sushi roll."Prinz,why did you do that,The calamari is coming,and crabby cakes,you love them!" Emperor asked but he didn't mean it. Gloves was writing something on his phone."That peasant,does this look like me!?" Emperor asked,holding his book,in it was a drawing by Goggles of Emperor.Queenie showed him what he really looked like. Goggles decided to go over and pants Sheldon. I just watched the resturaunt T.V,Team Emperors greatest matches was on."Oh man,This is great" Emperor exclaimed,predictably enough."At his first ever match he went up agianst the then-strongest team,Team Gold,14 year old Emperor decimated the competion,and entire team of level 1s,the most unfresh team against the strongest,was a match no one was expecting" The commentators said,as a blurry Emperor posed with his splattershot junior.As the calamari came,we all ate. Then, Goggles came in.

Emperor 28th of august

"What can you do to me? I do not even wear glasses anymore," I exclaimed, remebering those painful moments during school.Prinz was only a baby back then, and Queenie had always been away, so they looked at me. I always was strong but I was never cool, I knew I was going to be a turf war star. He produced a old style Spattershot " I can do this," he said aiming it at Prinz." Look out Prinz!" I gasped. He ducked down, and I kicked Goggles hard. Queenie got hit by the ink and fell to the floor. "Queenie, oh Queenie!" I said, looking at her pale face, "Are you okay? Goggles, I hope you get what you deserve!" She mumbled something, about Goggles. Gloves ran over and brushed her hair away, ink had landed everywhere. Prinz looked at her, I noticed tears running down his cheeks. "I'm okay, guys! It's just a bit of ink, calm down," she said, but she sounded unsure herself. Prinz hugged her, "Booyah, Emperor,Queenie, and Gloves!" He said, and we all booyahed back. Prinz looked a bit better, better enough to take 3 crabby cakes off my plate. Gloves smiled at us.

Gloves' Diary.docx.

"Queenie!" I exclaimed, holding her. She was wet with ink." Gloves..." she said " Prinz stole your sushi roll!" I ran over to Prinz. Goggles was still there, and during all the fuss had got Emperor really bad. "Goggles... got me with his splattershot. Prinz don't worry, tell mother!" I logged of Fishsigram to call for help. Queenie ran over to him and reassured him. .I am just sick of Goggles. After the disbanding of Team Green, I had realised Goggles had cheated in the finals. When Queenie joined, Emperor had a change of heart, now he is a kind and supportive leader. Prinz is now a sushi thief, and Queen is really strong, she was just with the wrong team, and that team was Blue Team, she was just temporary but she hated it. Queenie got up and sat on the seat, eating her crabby cake. Emperor showed her a picture that he had wrote "Early team enperror" on and laughed weakly. Me and Queenie knew each other from Inkopolis nursery, she would always help me with my fingerpaintings (don't ask), laugh at my jokes, and help me after I was defeated by Old team emperor. She made me the champion I am.

"Erm... Gloves, Emperor looks like he needs help! Quit daydreaming," She snapped. She was right. Emperor was doubled up and screaming in pain. She lay down next to and tried reassuring him. I helped too. "It's weird, one minute you want to overthrow the king and the next it's all cool and you're helping him," I said. Prinz came back from the toilet to see this, and started panicking. "It's okay, your bro just needs a little help that's all." I said when at that moment I saw Prinz do something I never seen before. Go savage at Goggles. He started attacking him with chopsticks, jabbing him with them. Emperor gave a weak smile, he had not even seen Prinz like this before. "Wow, Gloves, Prinz is insane, regretted joining yet?" Queenie asked. "No, " I replied, "And I never will." Seriously though, Team Emperor is amazing now.


I blushed, knowing he was talking about me. "Kaiser, hang in there," Gloves looked at me confused. "Kaiser is Emperor in German, you know the old human language." Emperor looked awful, his tentacles,dyed blue with Goggles' ink, were limp and hung over his pale-grey face. "Queenie..." He mumbled, "Help me please." I felt really annoyed as Prinz had stood up, Gloves helped, and all I done was lay down and cry, waiting on help coming. Gloves told me, " Queenie, you have helped. Don't say you haven't, and Prinz is kinda funny with those chopsticks! I am the one who just sat there daydreaming. You're the cool one, and I am really unfresh." I hugged him tight, in gratitude for helping.

"Ha!" Prinz screamed "You lost all of your dango and pickled plums! Thats what you deserve!" Soon the emergency services came. "I will be alright Queenie, trust me. Prinz, does mother know? Call her on my shellphone, Gloves, take good care of them both," Emperor said, near in tears, "By the way, nice touch Prinz." They took Goggles away, again. The jellies ordered everyone to leave. We told Off the hook. "Really Team ridiculous! Well I hope they feel sorry for the havoc they caused," Marina said. I recieved a text from Prinz 'Seeing my bro' Gloves said that he hoped he was okay.

Prinz's inner feelings

I walked over to Inkopolis Hospital and asked the receptionist where Emperor was. "Prinz, I'll get Jilly to take you" she said. Jilly walked me over to Emperor's ward. He looked slightly better, but was hooked up to a lot of machines. "Prinz?" I heard a familiar voice, but it sounded very tired, Emperor. "Can you tell Queenie that I am alright?" He said " My phone's dead. Smart trick back there with the dango and pickled plums, thanks." I told Queenie and Gloves to come, it took a while but they finally did. "Sorry about being so long, I bought you this," She said, producing the 4 year anniversary Golden Emperor action figure,."This thing costs a lot! Thank you so much, I'm suprised I never got one before." He said as little bit of colour crept back into his cheeks. Jilly ushered us off after that, saying that he needed to be seen to. "He didn't look as bad as he did back at the resturaunt, though he still looks very weak." Gloves said, turning on his headphones and playing some music.

Emperor Monarch : 27/8th August

Pain, was the only thing I could feel, that and loneliness. The silence pierced by the sound of the machines surrounding me. I looked at the clock on the wall, 23:45. I looked out the window, at the soft twinkle of the stars. I tried to fall asleep,but found that the sound of the hearts rate monitor too distracting. I hated the smell, of disinfectant and food. I thought of Prinz, lying in his bed at home, I ached for home. I texted him ' Prinz, can you tell me how things are going?' Five minutes later he replied 'Boring but okay, u bro?' I wondered if I should have told him, and I did, 'Treatment was pain,super bored,' Prinz sent me ' Queenies worried so is gloves, goggles is back in juv' I moaned, 'good night bro, see me in morning?' He replied yes. Then I stayed up all night, findimg it impossible to sleep. When the nurses came in, I pretended to sleep, but still could not sleep. At about 05:10, I slept. "Emperor, good morning, had a good sleep?" One of the nurses came in, holding in her hand four ham sandwiches, they tasted bland and flavourless. They checked up on me and I waited on visiting hours. I felt weak and tired, when they came in. "Emperor? Are you okay?" Queenie asked "You look worse than yesterday, do you feel tired?" Gloves asked if I was doing well, Prinz just looked sad and sat on a chair. Gloves showed me on his shellphone OTH's special mention for me. "Wow, is this really what people think of me?" I asked, awestruck. The old me would have basked in attention under a blanket of arrogance. Marina came, with a large present for me. I happily unwrapped it, it was a bright blue electric guitar. "Thanks,", I exclaimed. The Chirpy Chips came and gave me thier latest album. Prinz started his camera and streamed. "Thank you everyone! I love you all. Goggles was a horrible person, though I will admit I have made many mistakes." I said into the mic. Gloves smiled at Queenie " I told you Emperor's okay! Look at him," he said, taking off his headphones. I looked at his shellphone the messages on it, stuff like 'a warrior outside of the splattlefield', 'We love you' . It was very overwhelming.

Gloves dairy doc.x

Gloves fan art.jpg

We left soon, Emperor fell asleep during everything. I walked to my home, my old flat. It's not exacly amazing, the damp creeps up the walls, the musty old furniture falling apart. I changed my clothes and went to bed with nothing to eat. I got wrapped up in the thin duvet and fell asleep. I don't have a lot of money, what I have I spend on turf war, sometimes I go without food. Soon the electric started running out. I shivered, and put on some layers.In the morning, I felt really hungry, but I only had a loaf of stale bread and ham. I just went out hungry. I got a text from Prinz and Queenie ' Hey, where are you? ' I told her in my house, I put some clean clothes on and walked out of the house and saw Queenie "You look hungry, shwaffle? Why do you live in such a dump?" I blushed. "I... don't have a lot of money. My parents live in the country, they don't really help." Queenie gave me an understanding nod and a hug. We all entered my flat and Prinz nearly went insane, " I never knew bread could be that colour?!" He proclaimed pointing at the blue - moulded loaf of bread. "You don't even have a T.V? This flat is literally two rooms, the kitchen/living room/ bedroom and toilet!" I must have brushed at this because Queenie joked about how my new ink colour was red. "Guys, when it comes to here, I put my Turf war winnings into Turf war. I'm hopeless," Prinz took it to his head to eat the "Blue Bread", I dodge rolled exactly on time. "Dude this seems just too harsh, wanna go somewhere? This place is just depressing." I felt hungry so I nodded. She took me down to the Flagship and reserved 3 seats at His Eminence'. "I know, Prinz wanna nice fry-up?" We both nodded. We called Emperor, amd said hi, but he replied that he felt too tired to even stay awake. "I was really hungry, I seriously needed that, I haven't ate from two and half days ago!" I said to Queenie, who was messaging Emperor, she showed us an old picture of him, with thick glasses and nerdy clothes. "Who's he?!" Prinz asked, "Your brother,Enperror."


Note:this part is a lead up to the super sandbox by User:OctoKing/Sandbox!!!

I sat in the house with a plan. Team Neoper were organising a Salmon run as a bonding exercise. "Ha this'll be fun," I said, it was going to be a massive trap. I lifted my phone and called Mask. "Hyuk! Mask here, can I help you Rider?" I told him my amazing plan, and he agreed, I started a laugh but soon my Ink-Tarts were ready, choco-sprinkles with calamari filling, I bit into it, when I heard Mask scream at the door." Emperor's home!" He was panting, as if he had ran a marathon instead of bingeing Ika kun's cook off or I'm a Squid get me out of here! I opended the door and ran to the Galleria and there he was. He still was an unhealthy colour, with his arm wrapped up and had a scar on his arm, but he was there. "Hey Peasant! Long time no see! Your shoes are a nice colour, NOT!" He said in his highly irritating voice. Neoperor where with him, Queenie squinted at me. Then they ran off.


I feel happy now that my brother's out. He seens happy and lighthearted. Queenie was laughing at something her told her. "Hey Emperor you should see Gloves' house, " Queenie said with a smirk. We ended up walking over to his house again. "This.Is.It!?" He screamed,Inspecting the damp covering the walls, the rickety bed, the worst thing was him with the mouldy food. "It's very common, but I'm gonna ralph," Emperor said looking at the mouldy bread, he ran over to the bin. "Hey! That was just emptied, it smells" Gloves screamed at him. "Well think about throwing it out, it's been out of date for 11 days!" I had an empty wrapper that needed binned, but Emperor was putting me off. Gloves left his flat and we left for town again.


"Wanna go down to Inkopolis Plaza? " Gloves asked. "No, we need practice, now lets go to Deca Tower!" I proclaimed. We got told we needed to go to Humpback Pump Track. "This is my favourite stage!" Queenie said predictably enough, putting her jacket on. We got our weapons ready. Carla and James were commenting. "Team Yellow-Green versus Team Emperor!" As we stepped out. "Prepare to lose!" Queenie screamed at Rider, when Blue Team came down... With Goggles?! It was his little brother, who was just named Goggles Jr. Goggles Jr. attempted to pants me, but I dodge-rolled exactly before he attempted. "Emperor?!" Said a new member, she was replacing Specs. She looked similar to him, only she was wearing rounded glasses. I decided I would play a match with my glasses on, I dived into my pockets, and found them. The world became much clearer, I had realized how much I needed them. "You suit them!" Moon replied. I blushed. Then the match started. They went back to the stalls. We were at the top of our game, ever. "Hey Rider! How strong are these guys?!" Stealth enquired. "Team Emperor are crushing the competition! So far, there is only one tiny spot they have missed!" Carla commented, when Prinz fixed that. Queenie battered the competition, and started Squid partying. "The Emperor's Road isn't just a road! It's an entire Highway!!!" James screamed at his mic as there was 5 seconds left. One little spot, next to spawn, was missed. On the last second, Gloves painted it! Judd told us we had won by 100%!!! We were offered a 10 million cash reward, EACH! Gloves screamed and hugged us all tight. He jumped " Holy Carp!!! Now to move out of the dump!!!" James and Carla came down and congratulated us. Gloves was so happy that he bought me the golden toothpick, squid bagged (which he never does) with Prinz and Queenie. Him and Queenie started dancing.


I called my landlord, he is a grumpy old Inkling. "You haven't paid this month's rent. Kid, you got two weeks or I'll have no choice..." I interrupted him "Bob, I just wanted to tell you that I am moving out. I am a millionaire! I got 100% in turf war and they gave me ten million." He told to pay the rent and then its even. I paid it on my phone. "Now lets go and pack my stuff!" We ran over to my flat. Prinz was right, the smell had only got worse, " What did you eat?!" Emperor asked as I got a lot of my clothes and shoved them into Prinz's rucksack. I lifted the C.D player, my lucky coin, my weapons, and most importantly, a picture from my first turf war match. I lifted my Squid Squad posters and wrapped them up. "Hey Gloves! Where you gonna sleep?" Queenie asked when Emperor replied "In our summer mansion, I think you will love it!" We ran over to their house.

Emperor rang the doorbell, Squidmouth and his mother came." Can we have the keys to the summer mansion, it's for Gloves?" His mum threw the keys and he caught them. Squidmouth told us to get in the car. Emperor stared out of the window, clearly taking a trip down memory lane. I fell asleep, the car radio was Sheldon rabbiting on about some stupid weapon. Queenie and Prinz fell asleep too. Enperor must have been annoyed because he screamed at us to stop snoring. About 3 hours later we found ourselves next to a large house, a new build that was nearly all glass. "Oh cod! Thanks, I love it! It's so cool and trendy!" We went inside, I was going to sleep in Emperor's old room. It was plastered in manga characters and turf war champions, one wall was an entire library and the other was a huge T.V!

"Wow! What about the food?" I asked when I was shown the 4 larders filled with food. I looked at my reflection, I soon noticed how pale and thin I am, my cheeks sticking out and my wrists stick thin. I sat down on the sofa and turned on the T.V. Even though it was brand new, it had a tape recorder hooked up. Surrounding it were tapes called Emperor's talent show or Holiday's with Prinz I felt an ache. My parents abandoned me and shoved me out the moment I was allowed to, they resented me, and just hated me. Prinz put on the Emperor talent show, he attempted to be a magician. We all laughed while Emperor wrapped up all his scars and marks. Who needs family when you have these guys I wondered. Emperor blushed and put on some stupid babys show. "Ah," Emperor exclaimed flatly "My favourite... Mother Squids fairy tales." Even though "The new" Emperor likes philosophy and thinking deeply, he is still a competitive, hard working, person with a withering, sarcastic, sense of humour. Prinz laughed, he had a nice laugh, short sweet giggles. Queenie grabbed a chocolate bar and splited it in half with me. Emperor began mocking the fairy tales, and I joined in. We had a ton of fun. I looked over at Queenie. "GLEENIE!!!" Emperor screamed "Gloves loves Queenie!!!" Squidmouth ended up telling him to go upstairs. Well, maybe I did love Queenie, and maybe Queenie loves me. Prinz just put on an old tape called Emperor's science demonstration. A tiny nerdy guy with thick glasses, it was Emperor. "Queenie, why does Emperor and Prinz have red pupils?" I asked. "It's a rare condition that they have. They can't see very well thanks to it," she said, showing me Emperor's glasses, they were really thick, " He never wears his glasses, Prinz wears his contacts though. It's weird he's so accurate yet he walks into walls?!" We looked at him wearing his glasses. He stepped down and put some old Squid Sisters concert. He took the glasses off me. He suited them. Prinz got his coat on and said he was going on a hike to nantai. We said good bye, Squidmouth said it was getting dark but Prinz had told him that was why he was bringing his camping bag.

Prinz monarch 2 September

I hiked my way up to Mt.Nantais base camp. I wasn't alone, someone was there. I jumped. An octoling, an inkling, another inkling, and Queenie?! "Prinz you remember my old team don't you? Neoper 2.0!" I smiled. There was OctoKing, Cancelers and PineZapple. I sat down. "We still play, even though we are just Emperor's back up. That reminds me Queenie, check this report from Off The Hook. Judd singing old rock songs! It's so funny!" Cancelers laughed, while Queenie and Pinezapple made curry. Octo was reading a Turf War book on strong players. I joined in with Octo, " Dude! Look! There's Gloves and Queenie! And you and Emperor." He said. Queenie yelled at us the curry was cooked. Someone came, he was covered in mud, his white clothes muddy. Emperor was camping too?! "Oh come on! It's just mud!" He said as he unbuttoned his jacket. We all sat by the fire with our curry. Emperor played Chirpy chips music on his phone. The fire's embers brought light to the dark sky. Emperor sang along to Blitz it! and was actually pretty good. I set up my tent and fell asleep.


I sat in the bedroom with all the snacks I could carry. "Emperor's gonna kill me!" I screamed tucking into Emperor's Crusty Sean's Shwaffle ice cream. I turned on his T.V. I watched Emperor's Fresh Fish boxset. I jumped down on his bed, not even a creak. He acted in a few of them playing the young Luke Turfwalker. He was surprisingly great. I stayed up until 2 the next morning. Then I woke at 9. I felt fresh and cool. I put on my freshest clothes, made by Toni Kensa. Everyone had went camping. I don't like camping, it reminds me of when my parents abandoned me and I had to sleep rough. Everyone came to the door. "Morning guys!" I said. Octo, P-Zap, and Cancelers were there. Emperor shoved his Milky Eminence jacket in the wash with a LOT of fabric softener. "What? I need my clothes soft," he said to us. We went off for Turf war, Emperor ordered us a large taxi. "But we're a member short!" Prinz screamed, "No laceless this time! That was the biggest accident of my life, he tried to take over the team." We got Splattershot Jr, or we should have called him Splattershot Pro. He was now X ranked and Level 99*. "Prinz, we are just squid partying!" Emperor snapped. He loves to party. "Remember when you were sanitized?" I asked.


That was only a fortnight ago. Prinz still looks at me and my tentacles. "Yes, I do remember!" I said casually, flicking my tentacles. Gloves laughed. Queenie looked at me, "You know something, I wouldn't think you had anything wrong with you. It took Weeks for me to recover, took you a few days!" I forgot all about her being sanitized. "On top of that you got it bad!" Prinz blanked out everyone. "How about we cancel and go to new albacore?!" Everyone said yes. I felt something, fear. A thud on the top of the limo. The figure laughed, Goggles?! He smashed the sunroof. He held Prinz by the neck tightly. I ran over and kicked him. He shoved Prinz to the floor hard. I snapped at Goggles in anger. Queenie got aggressive, lifting her dualies out of her coat. "Be still..." she said ominously. Goggles ran away. Prinz got up, "Emperor? Brother!" He said, hugging me." I got a call on my shellphone. Crusty. "Emperor! You didn't work yesterday! I guess that you have another job?" I said no, holding Prinz tightly. He pulled his hood up. Gloves was sleeping. We entered the hotel. "Reservation for Prinz Monarch!" He said, being his usual chirpy self.


Emperor is the best brother ever! He got me acess to the V.I.P lounge. He was smiling. Gloves was just woken up. Queenie was eating her large lunch. Gloves asked if he could get a massive lunch. Emperor ordered his super secret brunch. He ordered me one too. I like how my brother is now. "I'm getting a job at a library! My cooking is improving too." Gloves was more energetic after the meal. He told me that the Squid sisters were preforming tonight. Emperor nodded and said he got him and Kelpie and me. Queenie said she was taking Gloves as a date. I was looking forward. Emperor went to the changing rooms, to get ready to surf. “Emperor surfs?!” Gloves asked Queenie. She rolled her eyes, “Uh yes, that’s how he trains just between his weightlifting and Turf war with randoms.” I butted in, “I surf too, Aloha taught me.”

Emperor I'm exhausted, I'm scared about the Splatlands, What if they make a new team? Queenie went off with Neøper, her new team, Gloves has went missing and Prinz, well he's actually fine enough... The trains steady beat makes me feel tired... I hugged Prinz "Don't cry Emperor, the king doesnt cry!" I fell asleep. Queenie Gloves was car, or more accurately, Trainsick. We both heard a sound, sobbing. "That's Emperor!" I ran over. He letted out a sigh. "I dont want to leave inkopolis..." Emperor clung to fabric softener. "I am so scared. A king shouldn't feel this way... OH MAN. Son of a woomy!" He stopped crying. Gloves looked down at his down at the heel shoes.