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Hello! My name is Katherine, but you can also call me ___warabi, as that is my username on most other websites (I can't change it on here rip)

I usually play the first Splatoon more than Splatoon 2, so you'll probably have a better chance finding me on there; I usually only play Hero Mode or Squid Beatz 2 on Splatoon 2. However, if you know me well enough and you want to play a round or two of Splatoon 2, I don't have a problem with that and will usually accept your offer.

One thing to note, though, is that I don't play Ranked or Salmon Run so it'll have to be turf, sorry if that ends up being an inconvenience down the line.

My place in the Splatoon fandom

I am one of those people that likes the splatbands. I am one of those people who has headcanons about them... but only Squid Squad and Wet Floor who cares about the non-main bands lol

However, I've been pretty isolated from the Splatoon fandom for a while so my headcanons aren't usually the popular ones and are generally based on my own (kind of weird and potentially offensive) sense of humour.

As for ships, Tsuma/Kazami and Ikkan/Namida are my only ones so sorry to all y'all Ryzole shippers out there lmao

I do have two main OCs, one Inkling and one Octoling. I don't feel like typing out their backstory, but I will say that their names are Ramesh [idkasurnameyet] and Hita Humeda, respectively.

they're both male and no I don't ship them so sbhhhhhhhhhhhh

Also, I married Ichiya for a school project three years ago. I've never filed a divorce in a school project since then so Ichiya is my husband I guess