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Hello and welcome to my page!

About me!:

Level: 12*

Ranks: Splat zones S+1 Tower control S+7 Rainmaker S+6 Clam Blitz S+9

Favourite Rank Mode: Clam Blitz

Least favourite rank: Splat zones

Favourite Map: Shellendorf Institute and Arowana Mall

Least favourite Map: Humpback Pump Track

My Inkling!


Hair..? : Banger

Skin colour: the 6th one

Eye colour: Black

Legwear: Tight black pants


Head Gear: Annaki Beret

Clothes: Dev Uniform

Shoes: Navy Enperrials


Hear Gear: Li'l Devil Horns

Clothes: Record shop look EP

Shoes: Navy Enperrials

Favourite Weapons:

Jet Squelcher

Kensa Octobrush


Kensa Luna Blaster

Hero Charger Replica

Kensa .52 Gal

Favourite Idols and their songs/ multiplayer music and bands:

I really like the squid sisters more than off the hook. Out of all the Idols so far I really like Callie the most. I think her loud and bubbly personality remind me of me and I love the colour pink!. Some of my favourite songs that the idols have done are:

Bomb Rush Blush

Tide goes out

Fresh Zest

Now or never ( Squid sisters)

Nasty Majesty

the plan (final fest)

Some Multiplayer songs I like:

Clickbait demo


Blitz It!

New You - flow Variant( I know it's not a multiplayer but I didn't want to make a whole new paragraph for this one song)

My friend code is:3589-8708-9570. That's all you need to know about me!...I think :]