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Hot vs. Cold
Host's Friend Code: 1508 - 3080 - 8429
Date & Time: Undecided
Popularity: TBA
Turf Points: TBA
Ranked Points: TBA
Splats: TBA
Results: TBA

(Yet Another) New Inkfest System

This new system helps the 'too many people on one team' problem. Instead of everyone from one team being on the same team, the teams shall be randomized, and the turf points, splats, and ranked points will be screenshotted and calculated later. Also, voting does not mean mandatory participation; you don't have to vote to participate, as many people do not like coffee.


  1. The Inkfest system and rules are the same as Xando's, i'm just hosting the Inkfest now.
  2. To play the Inkfest you have to friend me. To sign up for the Inkfest, you can either contact me or do it manually.
  3. The Inkfest will start on 22:00 UTC.
  4. Notes on how Inkfest will work (Basically just for me)
    1. Two rounds per section.
    2. Points calculated afterwards.
      1. Popularity decided by who shows up.
      2. Only count points for specific section (round).
    3. Randomized mode for Ranked.
    4. Randomized teams.

Participating Player Information

Player Total Area Turfed Total Splats Total Ranked Points
Chrome Wolf
Hot Cold
Chrome Wolf Clarinet.octo
Dɛkʋ Vaki
Stage Rotation
Round Number Turf Round Ranked Round Splat Round
1 Museum d'Alfonsino {Randomized} Inkblot Art Academy Mincemeat Metalworks
2 MakoMart {Randomized} Um'ami Ruins Flounder Heights


This user fought for team Cold in the Hot vs. Cold Inkfest!
This user fought for team Hot in the Hot vs. Cold Inkfest!