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hey gamers

im rassicas and i like to draw squids. on the right are my main splatoon ocs, which i draw a lot. i have a lot of story for them, but we don't talk about that here. what i can say is that my username is based on their last names.

regarding the wiki itself, i wouldn't stop uploading pictures of squid gear, and the staff got tired of reviewing said uploads, so they made me a patroller. fancy.

but yeah, i mostly deal with articles about gear. someone's gotta.

i like to edit this wiki because...

-i find it oddly relaxing
-wheres the pictures

Cress Rassica
Rassicas inkling Cress.png
Age 20
Occupation Tailor

Verna Rassica
Rassicas inkling Verna.png
Age 30
Occupation Grizzco Manager

Verna Rassica (older)
Rassicas inkling Verna older.png
Age ???
Occupation Grizzco Manager



h yes

thats all folks