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Species Inkling
Hair color   Red/Teal 'Banger' hairstyle
Eye color White
Age At least 22
Gender Female
Location Inkopolis Square, Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms
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SEGAVEGA is artist, seamstress, and mediocre Chinese translator. She fell down the Inkipedia rabbit hole after noticing inaccuracies on the Callie page while doing research.


VEGA was born and raised in Calamari County, and moved to Greater Inkopolis in her teens. During this time, the heavenly melody of Calamari Inkantation, and other Splatoon music turned VEGA into a closet Splatoon fan, but she wouldn't begin participating in Turf Wars until adulthood. VEGA jokes that she should have been born a Octoling with how much influence Calamari Inkantation has had on her.

VEGA is currently studying Fashion Design at Inkblot Art Academy, and sells handmade clothing in her free time. A major hobby of hers is cosplay and costuming. She has recently completed a Squid Sisters cosplay in order to celebrate the release of their new single, Wave Goodbye, and Splatoon 3. VEGA is on the Discord if you need to contact her with any questions.==Modes==

POV: You are getting splatted.

Turf War

SEGAVEGA has a fairly contestant Turf War win rate at roughly fifty percent. Her preferred team positions are support or mid-line, where she likes play as a sort of 'goal keeper': inking base turf, holding the mid-line, preventing enemy flanks, and providing a super jump spot.==== Ranked ==== VEGA plays ranked casually, and is not very good.

Game Splat Zones Rainmaker Clam Blitz Tower Control
Splatoon 2 A A- C A-
Splatoon 3 A- - - -

Salmon Run

Salmon Run is VEGA's favorite mode. Her Splatoon 2 rank is Profreshional 180, and her Splatoon 3 rank is Eggsecutive VP, although this can vary depending on supplied weapons.

Story Mode


VEGA prefers weapons that are mobile, short-ranged, and have high inking capabilities.

Game Freshest Favorites Favorite Sub Favorite Special
Splatoon 2 Bloblobber Bloblobber

N-ZAP '89

Krak-On Splat Roller

Suction Bomb Booyah Bomb
Splatoon 3 Flingza Roller Flingza Roller


Splattershot Jr.

Ink Mine Ink Storm


SEGAVEGA's favorite brand is Toni Kensa.

Favorite Gear
Game Headgear Clothing Shoes
Splatoon 2 Annaki Beret

Kyonshi Hat

Face Visor

Record Shop Look EP

Negative Longcuff Sweater

Annaki Evolution Tee

LE Lo-Tops

Wooden Sandals

Neon Delta Straps

Splatoon 3 Firefin Facemask

Studio Headphones

Hero Mindset Replica

Orca Bolero

Fashion Splash Shirt

Airflow & Hustle Jacket

Black Flip-Flops

Pearl 01STERs



  • SEGAVEGA's family is reported to be related to eels, specifically the gulper or pelican eel. This explains her slightly scary appearance and avoidance of sunlight. However VEGA has a mouth full of pointed teeth, which is more in line with other species of eel.
  • SEGAVEGA has poor eye site and usually wears glasses or contacts.
  • VEGA's favorite idol is Callie.
  • VEGA's favorite song is Ink Me Up.



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