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Yo. Call me Space. Nice to meet you, and I hope that I don't burden y'all. Thanks for having me.

NPB eSports Series Splatoon 2 promo 1.png
Main Weapons Splatana Wiper, Splatana Stamper, Jet Squelcher, Any of the Dualies, and Nautilus 47
Level 36 (normal level) 115 (catalog level)
Tableturf rank 24
Species Octoling in-game
Title Pitch-Black Knight (haha yes a pun)
Hero Mode Beaten all levels + Secret Kettle and has fully surveyed all areas
SRNW rank Eggsecutive VP 70
RotM Complete
Rank B+
My signature SP☆CEBOY S3 Gear Headgear Captain's Gear.png S3 Badge Splatana Wiper 5.png (talk)