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Hello! I'm Samurottlover. I'm a devoted splatoon 2 player and I'm a profreshional salmon run worker. If you want to become my friends, you can enter my friend code below

Samurottlover (Cosmic Sky)
Level: 51*
Sunken Scrolls: 100%
Ranked Battle: Splat Zones : S+⁰ Tower Control : S+⁰ Rainmaker : S+⁰ Clam Blitz : S
Octo Canyon: Complete
Octo Expansion: Complete
Species: Male Octoling
Favorite Mode: Splat Zones
Favorite Type of Weapon: Shooters, Rollers, Sloshers, Dualies and Brellas
Favorite Songs: Tidal Rush, Fly Octo Fly, Ebb & Flow, Now or Never!, Ink Me Up, City of Color, Color Pulse, Fresh Start, Into the Light, Inkoming, & Broken Coral
Favorite in-game Band: Off the Hook, Squid Sisters, Wet Floor

Nintendo Switch Friend Code

Friend Switch Code: SW-8554-7436-9790

My Account Name: Cosmic Sky

I'll accept anyone friend request, except the friend req for just a prank or trick

Thank You!

My Gear and Weapon Sets

My fav sets are : Festive Party Cone, Juice Parka, and Moist Ghillie Boots.

My Clam Blitz sets are : Festive Party Cone, Pullover Coat and Honey & Orange Squidkid V + Inkbrush.

My Splat Zones sets are : Steel Helm, Steel Platemail and Steel Greaves + Aerospray PG.

I use variety of weapon, like : Aerosprays, Rollers, Brushes, Splattershot jr., Sploosh-o-matic, Nautilus, Mini Splattling,Tri-Slosher, Soda Slosher, Sloshing Machine, Bloblobler, Dapple Dualies, Splat Dualies, Tetra Dualies, Glooga Dualie, Sorella Brella, and Undercovers.

P.S. : Still learning with the Charger (still can't use it though (T-T))

Splatfest Teams

I'm only participate splatfest from the Chicken vs. Egg (2020) so, i don't participate in too many splatfest

Chicken vs. Egg (2020) : Team Egg (loss). I choose team eggs cuz i like eggs, sometimes i bored eating chicken. But with eggs, you can boiled it, fry it, make a cake, etc.

Trick vs. Treat (2020) : Team Treat (win). I choose team treat cuz candy and chocolate, even if i don't celebrate halloween cuz i'm a moslem & this is my first time encountering 100× battle and win.

Super Mushroom vs. Super Star : Team Super Mushroom (win). I choose team super muhroom cuz the super star only makes you invincible only for a few seconds. And also won my second and thrid 100× battles.


Mushroom Barnsquid.png Super Mushroom Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to anonym on 1/1/2021
for choosing team Super Mushroom in the Splatfest, Super Mushroom vs. Super Star


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