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Shahar KrakOn.jpg
Display Name Shahar
Discord shachar700 on ABXY
Battlenet Shahar#21870


- Octo Valley Missions Gameplay ✔
- Stage Schedule ✔
- Format Project
- Competitive information
- Benefits from Abilities
- ...

Favorite Weapons

Krak-On Splat Roller HQ.png - Best weapon forever & ever, Solid and gets the job done.
Splattershot Pro HQ.png - Good weapon with range, splat bomb and inkstrike for turf. Very comfort kit for a 3 shot weapon.
Kelp Splatterscope HQ.png - My first weapon to attempt at sniping, Fast and have long range, conqured my heart. <3
Bamboozler 14 Mk III HQ.png - Lovely strong weapon, burst bombs and damage up really make it charming.
Custom Jet Squelcher HQ.png - Damn range! Good kit and fun to splat with. Good thing it got buffed in movement speed.