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New weapon checklist

On weapon announcement (i.e. SplatoonJP / SplatoonNA twitter)

  1. Grab the three promo images from the announcement: Open the image in new tab and add :orig after ".jpg" for the full resolution (but low quality) version.
    • Promo images previously named File:S3_<WEAPON_NAME>_Twitter_SplatoonJP_Image<1|2|3>.jpg - should be File:S3_<WEAPON_NAME>_Promo_Image<1|2|3>.jpg going forward
    • Promo image should be added into Weapon Brand.
  2. Get the 128x128 weapon image from a datamine, if available.
    • Weapon image from the datamine should go to the place that makes it work in the infobox: File:S3_Weapon_Main_<WEAPON_NAME>.png
    • If it's a weapon that was not leaked, do not place image, so that it redlinks as a reminder to upload it.
  3. If new, create the weapon's page. If returning, add Splatoon 3 info to the existing page.
  4. Update in weapon lists:
  5. Create a category for the Sub x Special combo if it's a new one (should be redlinked at the bottom of the weapon page).

On weapon final release

  1. Update Promo images to full-res versions from SplatoonUS tumblr:
  2. Update weapon image to 256x256 version from SplatNet
  3. Update final values in the weapon page (cost, level, special points)
  4. Add quotes section with Sheldon's blurb and twitter quote.
  5. Create demonstration video
  6. Update Rumors and leaks page if the weapon was leaked previously

On access to game files

  1. Create a pseudo-3d render image

New gear checklist