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Hey bois. I’m offline for a bit (for s3) so uh, yeah i guess here’s my friend code and username just because. My user is VeeMan, and my code is 7556-4937-7869. In the meantime, here’s my likes and dislikes. Ight bye!


splatoon memes (there just funny)

Dark tetra dualies (main in 2 and 3)

Splat zones (easy to play and not as much tryhards)

Almost all video game music (especially music from s3)

The manga.

Squid party’s

Sonic games (and their music)

big man

big man

big man

and also big man.


Ranked battles (excluding splat zones)

Frye (she’s a literal joke, just look at that forehead)

Blasters (too focused on combat, i prefer dualies or a 52. Gal)

s3’s story mode (too simple, i beat it in a hour, i prefer another one)

people who hate on big man

people who don’t booyah back.

joycon drift. (The reason i use a pro controller.)

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