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Name Parker
Region North America
Status Inactive
Common Role Midline
Links Twitter TwitchTV YouTube
Known for S2 Weapon Main Octobrush.png Octobrush S2 Weapon Main .52 Gal.png .52 Gal S2 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png Splat Brella



Game Motion Sensitivity Stick Sensitivity
Splatoon +5
Splatoon 2 +2 +5


  • Was previously sponsored by InControl Gaming

Tournament Placements


Tournament Place Team
S&F Rainmaker Only 9th SquidRunsLive
SCL 7 5th SpeedRunsLive
S&F Low Power 9th SquidRunsLive
SCL Holiday Special 9th SquidRunsLive
Calamari Cup 3 7th SpeedRunsLive
S&F Random Restrictions 2nd SpeedRunsLive
Messtival! 3 5th SpeedRunsLive
体育祭!Taiikusai: Athletic Festival 2nd SpeedRunsLive
InkCage Qualified SpeedRunsLive
Booyah Battle 5 5th SpeedRunsLive
LUTI SquidForce Division Playoffs 2nd SpeedRunsLive
Supernova 2nd SpeedRunsLive
Messtival! 4 4th SpeedRunsLive
Genroku Legends 5th SpeedRunsLive
SCL 15 9th SpeedRunsLive
Splat That! 4th SpeedRunsLive
Messtival! 5 7th SpeedRunsLive
Supernova II 3rd SpeedRunsLive
Cloudburst 7th SpeedRunsLive
Splatoon Anniversary Invitational 13th SpeedRunsLive
Spyke It Up! 5th Komodo
Bleck n Spoon Weekly #3 3rd Get Kraken (and Silver)
Squids on the Beach 9th Little Clover Heart
Bleck n Spoon Weekly #4 5th Get Kraken (and Silver)
Squid Chalice Series 2nd Reverse Rebirth
Turning the Tides 1st Reverse Rebirth
Monsoon Splat Weekly #3 1st Reverse Rebirth
Bleck n Spoon Weekly #9 5th Matching a Breakthrough
Bleck n Spoon Weekly #11 2nd Jurassic Bork
LUTI Season 2 Rockenberg Division Playoffs 2nd C-
Monsoon Splat Weekly #9 5th Defined
Friday Night Splatdown 13 7th Yami
Crisis 9th Yami
Locked and Loaded 3rd Yami
Locked and Loaded 2 2nd InC Yami
Splat & a Half 3rd InC Yami
Sundae Schooling 9th InC Yami
Torrent 2 5th InC Yami
US Inkling Open Qualifier Qualified InC Yami
US Inkling Open 5th InC Yami
Torrent 4 3rd InC Yami
Supernova Turbo II 5th InC Yami
Golden Sundae 4th InC Yami
Torrent 5 3rd InC Yami
Frozen Ink 2 9th InC Yami

Splatoon 2

Tournament Place Team
G7 Splatoon 9th InC Yami
Inkstorm+ 9th InC Yami
Leagues Under the Ink Qualifier 5th InC Yami
Fall Wednesday Night Splat 3rd InC Yami
Rise of the Sharks 5th InC Yami
Tick Tock Tuesday 4th Yami
Fall Wednesday Night Splat 2 3rd Yami
Squidboards Splat Series October 4th Yami
Thursday Brawl 2nd Yami
Inktergalatic Cup 9th Yami
eSportsHub 4v4 Tournament 2nd Yami
Tick Tock Tuesdays 5 5th Yami
Genesis 5 9th Yami
NNCL Lunar XVI 7th Yami
Sendou's Back n Forth 5th Yami
Bleck n Spoon Season 0: Rainmaker Edition 4th Yami
Bleck n Spoon Season 0: Tower Control Edition 1st Yami
Bleck n Spoon Season 1: Tower Control Edition 1st Yami
Swift Second Saturdays 3 Max Revival Bracket 1st Yami
Bleck n Spoon Season 2: Rainmaker Edition 5th Yami
Don't Park on the Grass 2018 3rd Discount Veterans