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Heya! I'm Silverbrick, or Mie in-game and on Discord. They/Them please!

I've been playing since midway through Splatoon 1's lifecycle, but I don't tend to rank so high because I don't have the time, patience or finger-joints to play consistently.

Since I still don't really know my way around wikis (especially when it comes to formatting), I mostly add a lot of information to existing pages and reword things to make them easier to read. I did the bulk of the writing on Crab Tank, Big Bubbler and Killer Wail 5.1, and I add a lot of trivia here and there, like how Splatoon 3 is the first game without weapon variants on launch, or how DJ Octavio escaping his snowglobe might be a reference to real octopuses.

I main Inkbrush, Splattershot Jr. and Splatana Wiper, use an eyelashes Octoling with the curly hair, and my favorite abilities are Ink Saver (Sub) and Swim Speed Up.

Also Pearlina is canon and adorable, don't @me.

Paper Grub Fire for life! Frye is clearly the most put-together member of Deep Cut, she has all the correct opinions.