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Hello I am Snowwarrior, and I practically live in Splatoon's hero mode. I find the story, levels, and enemy designs to be amazingly well done.


Hey guys I have been extremely busy with work, but I will continue to contribute in any way I can.


I recently shattered several bones in my right hand and I'm having a very hard time typing. However I will continue to try update the Octo Canyon Hero Mode Mission pages. Again, sorry for the major setback.

Splatoon 1

Past Splatfests


Splatfest Gallery

Splatoon 2

I was already excited to learn about Splatoon 2, but after the recent release of information about Hero Mode I was left speechless or I would have been if I wasn't already. All joking aside I cant wait to experience the new Hero Mode and the story that has yet to be revealed


I'm really enjoying the the new Hero Mode and can't wait to upload some pics from the new levels.


  • Ink
    Vampires vs.
    Werewolves =
    • Vampires= Vampire Queen


General Theories

Splatoon 1

Splatoon 2

  • Pearl is nearsighted.

Reasons: Almost always squinting and some dialogue backs this up. Has trouble with balance (cannot ride a bike).

Personal experience: One of my best friends is nearsighted and almost always squints when not wearing their contacts or glasses.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Hero Mode
  • Contributing in anyway


  • Typos


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