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Inkling Cappy is SplatOdyssey157's mascot.

A photo of Inkling Cappy.


It started with cappy, long before Mario came along. He wanted a friend. So, he cloned himself. Cappy #1 and Cappy #2 became close friends. One day Cappy #2 wanted to be in a turf war. Cappy #1 said he could and he would be watching in the stands. So Cappy #2 got splatted with ink. That's how he got the name Inkling Cappy.


Inkling Cappy is based off of Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. He has a few ink splotches on himself in blue, orange, pink, light blue, and purple.


Inkling Cappy can shoot red ink out of his eyes and become things.


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Inkling Cappy Capturing a frog Inkling Cappy's main form Inkling cappy as a paragoomba

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