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Basic Info

Heyo! We're the Splatter System. A lot of us are fictives from the Splatoon Manga and the Splatoon Series in general, but please note that we aren't going to add or change anything on the wiki because of this.

At the end of anything we say, we'll sign off with whoever says it. For example, "-Aloha" means Aloha said what was written.

Our Carrd - Contains information about our headmates; Somewhat outdated as we are currently grounded and restricted to our school chromebook; We forgot our password to our Carrd account lol. TarTar (now goes by TT) is no longer under a DNI or IWC; feel free to interact with him!

Collectively, we prefer he/they pronouns, but if you're unsure of who uses different pronouns, A) check the Carrd, or B) just ask ^^!

We have over a thousand hours on Splatoon 2 and played the Splatoon 3 Global Testfire for 12 hours straight ahaha

we have no idea what we're really doing on this site, so, uh, help us out if you want to!

Ranks (Splatoon 2)

Splat Zones - S+2

Rainmaker - S+0

Tower Control - S

Clam Blitz - S