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Squid Sisters Webcomics are webcomics featuring the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie.


Callie The text Spammer

Marie's horror movie

Hypnoshades Part 1

Hypnoshades part 2


  • In Hypnoshades Part 2 , Marie tries on the shades, but Agent 4 stops her.
  • The only webcomics similar to the events in Splatoon 2 are the hypnoshades ones, as Callie is hypnotized into helping the Octolings. But unlike Splatoon, Callie does not snap back to normal when she sees food.


Callie the text spammer: Callie hides in ink instead of practicing sniping with the E-liter 4K Scope. Then, she spams texts to Marie. Marie's horror movie: the squid sisters watch a horror movie, scaring Callie so she sleeps in Marie's bed. Both 'hypnoshades' parts: Callie puts on the hypnoshades and starts throwing Burst Bombs at Marie. Marie then shows Callie a Crusty Sean Food Ticket, and Callie walks over to Marie to take the Ticket, but Marie removes the shades. Callie says the shades have 'full ability slots', so Marie tries them on. Agent 4, at that moment, knocks the shades off of Marie and breakes them.