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Squiddy is an icon for Squid Splat, who Is a user with its own page. Squid Splat uses Squiddy as a squid who adds requests to pages. Other users can use Squiddy as well.

A picture of Squiddy.

On Articles

Squid Splat edited articles, and this page.


Squiddy could possibly be the squid on the Inkipiedia sign. But that means Squiddy is green, as this logo shows green ink.

Other Names

{Inkuringu (Japanese) Meaning: Inkling} {Calamar (Spanish) Meaning: Squid} {Splat Squid: common subtitle} {Adorable little squid.}


Inkling Squid Artwork.png S amiibo Inkling Squid.png WiiU Splatoon char 04.png Inkling squid form artwork.png


Squiddy can become a inkling, a amibo, and its squid form.Squiddy can also shoot ink.Squid Splat's only ability is obsession with cute squids, often similar to Squiddy in appearance, eyes, and color.