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Squiddy Girl & Splooshy
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I hope you like this photo..

Welcome to my user page, RANDOM INKLING ON MY PAGE!

A user, who is female.She's a kid! She's a squid! She's a squid kid!
Splooshy,my pet and plush.

Callie concepts3.pngSplooshy is Squiddy Girl's pet and plush, colored pink. She is a big part in Squiddy Girl's user signature.Her favorite Inklings, the Pink Inkling, Teal Inkling and Green Inkling are the playable squiddies she plays as, and she also likes idols Callie and Marie.Go to her talk page to blab with Squiddy Girl. She loves chatting on Ink Pump,and as for inkling language she only knows that Woo-woo-my! becomes Boo-Yah!. She is in Mario wiki as Squid Kid. Her inkipedia hobby is talking with Sundae Squid. She works on Wikipedia as Inkling girl squid, but is not on Wikipedia a lot. She plays as a girl inkling, "Hippie" hairstyle, orange eyes. Inkling squids are real cute, says Squiddy Girl. She says Callie is the best squid sister and her favorite mission in Octo Canyon is Tide Goes Out. Favorite songs: Bomb Rush Blush and Calamari Inkantation. S2 evil callie.jpg Yaaaaa check out this & my infobox. Also this and this. Oh, and this,too. Her Inkling has some really strange habits, including sneaking into battle stages, leaping in squid form in front of the recording studio and splatting herself. Squiddy Girl talks in enthusiastic language, espesially in her edits and, duh, is squiddy. HAHAHA. Squiddy girl is very funny and exiteable, and she values her friendships. Calamari is Squiddy girl's least favorite food because it is cooked squid, and she likes squids. Takoyaki, fried octopus, is fine with her, and please check out her loco sandbox. Squids,Octopus and Cuttlefish are cuuuuuuuute. Also she made up Cela. She's made a lot of pages. See her random quotes by tapping here. She even has a blog. Squiddy Girl is a FEMM agent, her named stylized as S-Woomy.

A squid hides in ink.So cute!

Squiddy Girl
Species Inkling
Hair color gold
Eye color blue
Location Moray Towers, Inkopolis
FemaleUser.png This user is female.
Callie1.png This user is a fan of Callie.