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Agent S-Woomy is a FEMM agent, whose real name is Squiddy Girl. Her name in-game is Madalyn.


S-Woomy talks girl power, feminist anthems, and others. S-Woomy's attribute 'agent class' is put under military, due to telling people generally about FEMM and acting aggressive toward the anti-mannequins. Callie and Marie of the Squid Sisters stated that "S-Woomy can and will destroy people against FEMM's movement [to save mistreated mannequins around the globe]. She angers easily and is usually found stargazing in Moray Towers. Her responsibility is to tell the world about FEMM, including mannequins who need to know of the FEMM project. She depends on other agents around Inkopolis." This represents S-Woomy's virtual goal which is for FEMM's movement to work.