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Cela (Japanese: Houtara) is a Inkling pop singer Squiddy Girl made up.


Don't Stop Me

Don't Stop Me is an brash and quick song, most words in it are overlapped by sounds of harsh bass, Callie yelling into a mic to introduce Cela to everyone, and Signals being hollered in the backround. It is in the native language of Inklings, but with Human words like, 'Yeah!' and 'Stay Fresh!' being heard in the audience.

Peace For *****

A slow-paced song in the Inkling language, with a mildly loud censor bleep along with muffled yells in the middle of the song. It is based off Pearl's ***** Dudes Be ***** Sleepin.

Don't Stop Me (Marina remix)

Unlike the original song, this remix has turntable noises and Marina singing along with Cela in the middle, along with a broken record noise. It is sung in Inkling.


Cela has bright blue eyes with plus-shaped pupils. She wears a black romper with three blue marks, and has a bowl hat with a feather on the bottom. Her tentacles, which are wavy and parted to the right, are navy blue, the same color as her combat boots. Casually, Cela wears a Silver Tentatek Vest, her basic combat boots, and sunglasses along with her basic hat. When Cela accidentally hears I Am Octavio, she becomes brainwashed, now donning a squid-shaped tattoo around her eye, her romper, and a new octopus-tentacle hat, and her combat boots. When she hears Calamari Inkantation, she leaps to sing with them, her outfit abruptly turns back to normal, and a gleaming H for Houtara appears alongside Callie and Marie's logo, as that H is her logo.

Names in Other Languages

Note: the names are not official. {Japanese: Houtara|Chinese: Houtalia|Mexican: Solia|Russian and Korean: Kelli}


  • She is related to the Squid Sisters.
  • She was invented, along with her songs, by Squiddy Girl.
  • Like Octolings, she becomes brainwashed by I am Octavio, as she is related to some Octolings.
  • Cela's squid form resembles the ones belonging to other Inklings, but with blue eyes instead of gray.
  • Cela's personality entry reads: "Meet Cela, the snarky popstar newcomer rivaling any bands before her".
  • Cela's Mexican name, Solia, comes from Sun, the name meaning 'As Bright As The Sun', while Houtara and Houtalia come from Houtaru-ika, a type of squid, roughly becoming 'Sun Squid'.


Cela's name comes from Cecela or Cecilia. It is slightly based off of Kesha the pop star's stage name.

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Note: Squiddy Girl made this all up. Cela was hired as stage hand for the Squid Sisters, later sneaking into a singing concert disguised as an Octoling. She, instead of saying her real name Cecela, said 'Cela' when asked her name. The Squid Sisters realized it was her, and quickly rushed Cela offstage. But news aired that Cela won, and she showed her true identity, appearing live at Kelp Dome. Cela went on a recording trip, recording songs for radio stations while on the road, even showing up at Moray Towers, MakoMart and Snapper Canal to film music videos.