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The MMD Squid Sisters are models of the Squid Sisters.

MMD Callie

Like the real Callie, MMD Callie has yellow eyes, a black romper with three pink marks, black wedge shoes and black tentacles. She is in effect a taller Callie. MMD Callie seems to be less exiteable, only cracking a smile once.

MMD Marie

MMD Mare was gold eyes and white tentacles, a black dress with three green marks on it, and black wedge shoes. She is in effect a taller Marie. MMD Marie is slightly more energetic, hardly ceasing her dance moves.


YouTube videos

  • {MMD}Squid Sisters-Spicy Calamari Inkantation by Dreamurr


MMD Callie

An unnamed street with a large building. She is shown standing in the general direction of this street, but in the middle of the video she switches places with MMD Marie, only to later go back to her original place. The sidewalk of the street is near where MMD Callie stands.

MMD Marie

A large shoplike building directly behind where she stands. She stays there for the entirety of the video until she switched places with MMD Callie, only to go back to her original place. A sign with words in the Inkling language on it is in front of the building.