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Squiddy Girl's mascot. Like Squiddy, Splooshy is an iconic squid. She looks like the following: Pink Squid Plush.Her squid legs end with turquoise, the light dots, than magenta, then baby pink.


Splooshy is pink, with gray eyes.Her two longer tentacles have turquoise and baby pink dots. Her kid form has two short tentacles in the back and two long ones in the front, all of the tentacles have the same colorations that she has in squid form. She has pink eyes in kid form, Splat Dualies, and black shorts and a hat. Her shirt, which is white with a kraken image on it, slightly tucks down at the top and reveals a light purple cami.


Splooshy has turquoise ink that, once on a surface, turns pink and lightens until it's white.


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Splooshy humanoid form Splooshy as a baby Splooshy from squid to kid