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Example.jpg Non-Splatoon Content

The subject of this article, while featuring some Splatoon-related content, does not specifically belong to the Splatoon franchise. Therefore, this article focuses primarely on the afformentioned Splatoon-related content, and does not cover the subject as a whole. For an article covering this subject in detail, see {{{1}}}.

This is a template I made to demonstrate how I think a policy on non-Splatoon content could work. This is just a suggestion, through. It is not (yet) part of the actual Inkipedia policy.

In the way I imagine this, subjects that does not specifically belong to the Splatoon-franchice are allowed to have their own page, if they follow this criteria:

  • Mayor Splatoon-characters, objects and/or species must somehow play a major role to the subject (such as the Inklings in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Subjects not following this criteria are still allowed in References to Splatoon in other media, through.

In addition, the articles must contain this template, and must focus primarely on Splatoon-related content.

If you want to discuss this, do it at the Discussion page of this template.