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Why hello there cephalopod! I'm TheBeast and I very much enjoy the Splatoon franchise. Read more to see what I'm about!

In game name Ordinary
Gender Female(YES I know my octoling is male. I just like how it looks in my gear)
Level 70
campaign 150% done?
Hours At least 600
Octo Expansion 1000%
Hero Weapons Hero Shot Replica, Hero Blaster Replica, Hero Charger Replica, Hero Dualie Replicas
Fun Facts! I probably gonna get Splatoon 3


Here are some of my mains and preferred abilities!


Heavy Splatling Remix

Depending on the splatling, I'll edit some things and change some subs but overall this is what I aim for while choosing gear.

Kensa Splattershot

Sorella Brella

Modifications I'd make for S3

  • Skip button for news (Double press A?)
  • We can see deaths (Splats?) on the end of match results. Much like S1


Splatfest gamemode

Basically, there is a gamemode that lets us play a shifty station +two maps. We can vote to see whether or not it's night or day. The gamemode rotates every 3 hours (an hour more than most modes).

Should be done by February!