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Level 62
Turf War Highest Freshness Superfresh!! (The silver flag)
Rainmaker A
Tower Control A+
Splat Zones S
Clam Blitz S+0
Salmon Run Profeshional 100
Cash 500,906
Super Sea Snails 8 lol (I never really played splatfest TwT)
Octo Canyon Got S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Replica.png Hero Shot Replica, S2 Weapon Main Hero Dualie Replicas.png Hero Dualie Replicas, S2 Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Hero Charger Replica, S2 Weapon Main Hero Blaster Replica.png Hero Blaster Replica
Octo Expansion Beat Inner Agent 3

How I reacted for each splatoon game

I've played splatoon for about like at least 6 years now and while writing this I started charging the WiiU so we'll see how that turns out! Since it was a while ago I'll skip to the splatoon 2 part (Which most of us remember). Three words: It was amazing. When I saw that I have to admit I loved it! The gameplay, The raised level! It was awesome! The only thing that affected both worlds between splatoon 1 players and splatoon 2 was the specials and maps. Everyone liked the new maps but I think splatoon 1 players loved the Mahi-Mahi Resort and the Urchin Underpass. Both loved and passed and I believe some splatoon 1 cult will torture Nintendo into bringing it back and let's be honest, we wanted inkzooka, Killer Wail, and my personal favorite Inkstrike back. (Still processing splatoon 3 and those... crabs???)

How I reacted for C rank (little series ima make :D)

(lvl 10) yAy I'm level 10! Time to play against- (insert my first prestige player here in C RANK!) (lvl 15) Dang these 20's and 30's are kinda hard. (lvl 20) Please please please don't let me lose Judd I've got 20 grand left please- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

How I reacted for B rank

(lvl 24) Huh cool there are splatoon professional players. Woah they make how to get better videos too?! Awesome! (lvl 28) These videos are kinda hard and the other B ranks are using tips from their videos too. Maybe I can't make it to A rank.. (lvl 33) Please Judd I swear if you make me lose- I HATE YOUUUUUU >:C

How I reacted for A rank

(lvl 35) Yess!! It's working I'm getting better! Maybe I should go and start using the practice room. (lvl 36) This isn't working I need to play against other players. (lvl 43) There are a lot of octolings maybe I should get the Octo Expansion

How I reacted to S rank

(lvl 50) I hate this game (lvl 55) These players are getting harder by the second (lvl 57) Eh almost at S+ so maybe it'll be better from there... oh my god

How I reacted to S+

(lvl 60) I want this game to burn (lvl 62) >:C This isn't getting easier put me back in B rank

How I reacted to Salmon run

Yay new gamemode! Can't wait to see what will happen! (Professional) Hey uh Nintendo can you stop spamming more salmonoids at us? Me and the rest of the professionals are feeling wet and most of us smell like salmon and we are kinda underpaid.. But don't lower the pay let us keep our tickets!! C:

How I reacted to Octo expansion

(First lvl) Oh easy breezy I can finish this in a week tops (Girl power station) Oh easy breezy I can finish this in a year tops (Telephone blender man station) Oh easy breezy I can finish this in a month tops (Inner agent three) Oh may this powerful being burn along with this tomato chip of a clip now gimme some tickets my octo wants some good gear.

Reasons why I'm the best(worst) player of all time

  • I don't booyah back
  • I spam ouch
  • I spam this way
  • I rage
  • I blame my team
  • I spam main power up
  • I have no friends
  • Because they hate me
  • I hate them too
  • I get on the game after like a week and expect to be the best player of all time

(This isn't true pls don't ban me it was a joke)