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HELLOOOOO I am a person. I don't know what else to put here, but my stats are on the right. :P

My in-game stats!
Name in-game: Twilight
Level: 27
Tableturf Battle Rank: 1 Haven't gotten around to it yet.
Catalog: Level 9
Super Sea Snails: 17
Coins: 200,000 approx. No gambling!
Rank: A+ 1200p used to be S, but after the rank reset and can't get back. :P
Salmon Run: Profreshional +3
Return of the Mammalians: Beaten? Working on 100% it

Favorite Weapons

Splatoon 3

If you noticed a pattern, you might realize that I CAN'T AIM IN THIS GAME! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Splatoon 2

These are my two favorite weapons, both have big hitboxes, making up for my bad aim. I don't use them as much in three, cuz I don't really like the kits.

What I do

I help with some Competitive stuff here and there, but mostly I just fix typos and minor stuff

Side note