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Hello my name is Warriorking 98. I am an editor on this wiki that is mostly focused on getting information on pages up to date as well as rewording information if needed. I enjoy playing video games such as Splatoon 2 and Team Fortress 2 with my friends, as well as animating Splatoon photos and videos via Source Filmmaker. If you have any questions or if there is something you want me to know about then feel free to post something on my Talk Page.


My inkling in the outfit that he commonly uses, especially when it comes to ranked battles.

(Note: I have not played Splatoon a lot and I have sold my Wii U in order to get a Nintendo Switch so that I could play Splatoon 2)

Started playing: August, 2015

Level: 17

Rank: ???

Hero Mode: beat the story

Splatoon 2

In game name: Warriorkng

Played since: launch date, July 21st, 2017

Level: 11*


Salmon Run : Profreshional 400

  • Highest: Profreshional 570

Hero Mode: 1000% FRESH!

Octo Expansion: 100% complete

My Current and favorite gear set (likely accurate):

S2 Gear Headgear Soccer Headband.pngS2 Ability Tenacity.pngS2 Ability Ink Recovery Up.pngS2 Ability Ink Recovery Up.pngS2 Ability Ink Recovery Up.png

S2 Gear Clothing White King Tank.pngS2 Ability Haunt.pngS2 Ability Sub Power Up.pngS2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).pngS2 Ability Sub Power Up.png

S2 Gear Shoes Piranha Moccasins.pngS2 Ability Stealth Jump.pngS2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).pngS2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).pngS2 Ability Run Speed Up.png

Favorite Weapons (Note: I do use other weapons in turf war to get them to at least a freshness level of 5.0 or Raw):

S2 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png S2 Weapon Main Custom Dualie Squelchers.png S2 Weapon Main Octobrush.png S2 Weapon Main Neo Splash-o-matic.png S2 Weapon Main Aerospray RG.png

Splatoon 2 Splatfest Stats

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Title Date Reward Highest Splatfest Power
  Ketchup Loss Ketchup Fanboy August 5, 2017 Super Sea Snails 2 ???
  Flight Victory Flight Fanboy September 2, 2017 Super Sea Snails 3 ???
  Werewolves Loss Werewolf King October 14, 2017 Super Sea Snails 21 ???
  Sci-Fi Loss Sci-Fi Defender November 18, 2017 Super Sea Snails 7 ???
  Socks Loss Sock Defender December 16, 2017 Super Sea Snails 7 ???
  Comedy Victory Comedy King January 13, 2018 Super Sea Snails 24 ???
  Love Victory Love Defender February 17, 2018 Super Sea Snails 9 ???
  Egg Loss Egg Champion March 10, 2018 Super Sea Snails 13 ???
  Soccer Loss Soccer King April 7, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21 ???
  Leo Loss Leo Champion May 5, 2018 Super Sea Snails 13 ???
  Donnie Victory Donnie Fanboy May 12, 2018 Super Sea Snails 3 ???
  Donnie Victory Donnie Champion May 19, 2018 Super Sea Snails 16 ???
  No-Pulp Loss No-Pulp Champion June 23, 2018 Super Sea Snails 13 ???
  Squid Victory Squid King July 20, 2018 Super Sea Snails 23 2010. 2
  Spoon Loss Spoon King August 25, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21 2023.7
  Modern Victory Modern Champion September 22, 2018 Super Sea Snails 16 2016.78
  Trick Loss Trick King October 19, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21 1894.4
  Guacamole Loss Guacamole King November 17, 2018 Super Sea Snails 21 1894.8
  Villain Victory Villain Champion December 15, 2018 Super Sea Snails 16 Didn't have time to calculate.
  Fam Loss Fam King January 4, 2019 Super Sea Snails 21 2012.2
  Waffle Victory Waffle King February 9, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24 1974.9
  Knight Loss Knight King March 16, 2019 Super Sea Snails 21 1899.2
  Tortoise Loss Tortoise King April 19, 2019 Super Sea Snails 21 1998.1
  Time Travel Loss Time Travel King May 18th, 2019 Super Sea Snails 21 2072.1
  Unicorn Loss Unicorn Champion June 15th, 2019 Super Sea Snails 13 1907.6
  Chaos Victory Chaos King July 18th, 2019 Super Sea Snails 24 2018.9

Note: I could not participate in some Splatfests due to the fact that I was away from home which is why I was a fanboy in some Splatfests.

Complete Pure Gear Sets

Changes that I would like to see in the games and community

  • Have the community focus a bit more on esports.
  • Allow the ability to change gear and start voice chat at anytime within a lobby.
  • Something that would help non-Splatoon players realize that ink is not paint.

Wiki help

  • I want to upload a video I captured on my Nintendo Switch to Inkipedia but the file size is too big. What do I do?
    • Don't worry, you can use sites such as VideoSmaller to minimize the file size of the video to under two megabytes. However, this will reduce the quality.

Interesting Facts

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  • Smash Wiki
  • Zelda Wiki

You are amazing, Guest, never forget that!

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