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Ink Theory Urchin Icon.png
Species Human
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Female
Location West Virginia
Favorite stage Museum d'Alfonsino
Favorite weapon Soda Slosher
Level 29
Rank C-
Outfit Backwards Cap, Berry Ski Jacket, Crazy Arrows
Favorite band Squid Squad
Favorite songs Ink or Sink, Split and Splat, Ink Me Up

Ink Theory Urchin Icon.png
Species Human
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Female
Location West Virginia
Favorite stage Camp Triggerfish
Favorite weapon Tri-Slosher Nouveau, Tri-Slosher, Hero Slosher Replica
Level 86
Rank A (SZ, TC), A- (RM, CB)
Salmon Run rank Profreshional
Outfit Backwards Cap, Takoroka Windcrusher, Crazy Arrows
Favorite band Ink Theory
Favorite songs Broken Coral, Kinetosis, Muck Warfare

Hello, I am Jasmine, aka WayslideCool, aka CompliensCreator00, aka ShinyCelesteela, aka Mod Hooligon, aka MC Foreign Policy. I'm an old artist from West Virginia, and a huge fan of the Splatoon series. I've played since October 2015 (I think?), but really got interested starting March of 2018. A mix of the minor world-building details (Shellendorf Institute had me particularly impressed) and the music I guess was just enough to pull me in! But I'm glad it happened, I've had a great time with the games, and am really happy to help out on the wiki when I can. I'm definitely not the most active -- but I will help out if needed! So if you need my help, feel free to give me a heads-up!

I usually play as an Inkling with the Hippie hairstyle, the tight black pants, the Backwards Cap, Takoroka Windcrusher, and Crazy Arrows. Though sometimes, you'll see me playing as an Octoling with the Tentacurl hairstyle instead, and sometimes you'll see me playing with an entirely different outfit altogether. Splatoon is as much a fun shooter as it is a fashion simulator. My main weapon is the Tri-Slosher Nouveau, though I usually use the classic Tri-Slosher in ranked. Occasionally I mix it up, but for the most part, I know what I like and I like what I know.

I've also read the manga, up to the beginning of the Octo Expansion arc, before realizing I'm not a particularly big fan of the manga at all and have virtually no reason to continue reading it. So I didn't! Sorry to anyone who enjoys the manga, I won't intrude on your territory, but between the plotlines feeling kind of repetitive and the unfortunate transphobia, I didn't really see much reason to continue with it.

I'm a big fan of the obscure side-musicians in the series, particularly Ink Theory, and could probably tell you my excessive headcanons about them if you were to ask me. So for the sake of your sanity, please don't ask me.

Splatfest Teams

Teams I was on are listed in bold. Winning teams are listed in italics.


  • Pirates vs. Ninjas - Because I remembered enjoying an "Ask a Ninja" series when I was younger.
  • SpongeBob vs. Patrick - Patrick definitely has a lot of solid moments when written well, but there's also a lot of later episodes where he's not written very well...
  • Callie vs. Marie - I liked Callie's peppier personality just a bit more, as lovely as they both are. That, and I slightly associate Marie with this guy I knew who was kind of a jerk. Most of the falling out between us was after the Splatfest, but I had bad feelings about him well before that. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Jhayden.

Splatoon 2

  • Baseball vs. Soccer - I do not care about sports at all, but of the two, soccer just seems a bit more hype.
  • Raph vs. Leo - I actively know nothing about Ninja Turtles. Leo just felt like the cooler of the two, and I like the color blue more than red.
  • Mikey vs. Donnie - Purple is a better color than orange, but also yeah, I'd probably go for the tech geek over the comic relief. First Splatfest I ever won!
  • Raph vs. Donnie - I mean, I wasn't on Team Raph and I was on Team Donnie, so this felt like a no-brainer.
  • Pulp vs. No-Pulp - I don't even drink orange juice, but I know I don't like solid stuff in my drinks!
  • Squid vs. Octopus - Mostly because I like playing as an Octoling a bit more. Both are nice, and this felt like the friendliest Splatfest I was ever a part of, which is weird because it easily had the most intense theme.
  • Fork vs. Spoon - Spoons are more versatile, and of "foods that can't be eaten with forks" vs. "foods that can't be eaten with spoons," I generally enjoy the fork-prohibited foods a little more.
  • Retro vs. Modern - The first time I ever felt really passionate about a Splatfest topic. Knowing my luck, of course it'd be a 0-3 win for Modern. Generally, I just find modern fashion to be kind of boring. I'd rather wear an outlandish neon windbreaker than conform to trends!
  • Trick vs. Treat - Both were really good options this time around, especially with how much I love Halloween, but you know? I like Marina, and I like the color purple. Plus full-size candy bars is just. So, so compelling... And whaddya' know! I actually won for a change!
  • Salsa vs. Guac - Gotta get myself some of that sweet blood ink! Unfortunately, however, this was the first Splatfest in Splatoon 2 where I never made it to queen rank, because my connection was terrible I say!
  • Hero vs. Villain - While I do hope that I am a "hero" in the real world, and probably should have picked it from a moral standpoint, usually villain characters are a lot more fun, and especially if we're talking Smash Bros., my mains include King Dedede and Wario, and I'd love to try out K. Rool. Though, I guess Dedede is less of a villain and more-so "Kirby's friend who's kind of a jerk occasionally." Anyhow, aside from the occasional connection issue, this Splatfest was smooth sailing, and also the first time I saw a 10x battle, the first time I lost a 10x battle, and the first time I won a 10x battle!
  • Family vs. Friend - My close family is really nice, but then there's my paternal grandparents, who don't even bother to get my name right. You can't ditch a bad family member, but you can ditch a bad friend, like you again Jhayden. And guess who I got to play this Splatfest with?
  • Pancake vs. Waffle - I picked Waffle because I like the shape and the little syrup pockets, but admittedly I got frustrated at this Splatfest since the connection was awffle. See what I did there? But hey, getting a 3-0 win was nice.
  • Knight vs. Wizard - Got to play this one at my dad's house with better connection, so it was really just smooth sailing from start to finish. There was a brutal losing streak after the rotation to Arowana Mall and Manta Maria, but once my friend switched to the N-ZAP '89, we got a pretty nice winning streak as the "Missile-Launching Mob" or something like that. Overall, a solid Splatfest and a solid victory.
  • Hare vs. Tortoise - Eh, it's mostly because warm-blooded animals are the animals that excite me least. The average reptile excites me more than a mammal, and an invertebrate? Hooo yeah! Anyway, connection wasn't great at all, but I was able to weasel out a Queen ranking. Also I gotta talk about the Shifty Station. Very fun. Very stressful. Though, it's kinda weird, since isn't slow and steady supposed to be the theme of Marina's team? I lost in the end, but still had a little bit of fun. That being said, I was glad when it was over because again. Poor connection.
  • Time Travel vs. Teleportation - A somewhat difficult choice, considering both are cool as heck, but while teleportation might seem more practical, ultimately I just find time travel to be cooler, and also I can think of more times I want to time travel than teleport. Though, no matter how much you are fine with either side winning, a 3-0 loss still hurts either way. At least the connection was okay.
  • Unicorn vs. Narwhal - This one was an easy choice. I can either pick a horse, or a funny sea creature. I like funny sea creatures, that's part of what pulled me into Splatoon! I don't like horses very much.
  • Chaos vs. Order - Wow, is that a serious philosophical question! In the end, I guess it was worth imagining a worst-case scenario for both, and ultimately I decided total anarchy is still much better than complete authoritarianism. Anyhow, this Splatfest was simply the best on all fronts. The music was great, it was fun to play on most of the Shifty Station layouts (I missed about five), and it really did go all-out with that sense of finality. Even if I lost, I think I'd count this as a victory, though. I mean, come on. "You know I love you, Marina." But hey, I won the battle AND the war, so that's pretty sweet, even if the ramifications are slightly terrifying!
  • Mayo vs. Ketchup - Wait, we're back at this? Oh, alright. That's neat. I never got to do the first Mayo vs. Ketchup, and the truth is, I don't know if I like either. Ketchup, however, is more fun to put on burgers (I work at Burger King) and more of my friends are Team Ketchup. Sorry to my friends on Team Mayo.
  • Chicken vs. Egg - Did you know this is the Splatfest that really got me into Splatoon in the first place? That's pretty wild! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to playing it much, since connection was bad, and I was instead working on things like drawing my webcomic, and getting into Rhythm Heaven. It's a bummer, I was planning on playing a bit with my girlfriend and we got like, one mirror match. Just ONE!


For a moment, I tried holding my own Splatfests with friends. They were fun but... participation was way too low for me to find the motivation to continue doing them. You can read up on them here, though.

  • Toothpaste vs. Tabasco Sauce - Exactly as nonsensical a theme as it sounds. As the first Squadfest, lots of this one took "figuring things out," BUT Splatfests are Splatfests, and they are always fun. Anyway, I was on Team Toothpaste, mostly because I don't like hot, spicy things. I've never technically tried Tabasco Sauce, but I'm not sure if I'd want to...
  • Brawns vs. Brains - Not as difficult a decision, considering I've never been an athlete in the slightest, but I do enjoy learning. At least, sometimes! One of my favorite habits is editing wikis, for crying out loud! I don't know what you were expecting.
  • Mothman vs. Flatwoods Monster - Both of them are really cool, but something about the appearance and story of the Flatwoods Monster has always been more alluring to me. Maybe it's my long-running fixation on outer space.

Stage preferences

Here's a list of my favorite and least favorite stages. The order isn't exact for the favorites, sometimes Ancho-V Games and Wahoo World switch places and there are a couple other stages I like playing on from time to time, but I'd say these top five are pretty solid. The least favorite stages is even less exact, and for the most part "stages I'm less good at," but I've been improving at most of them after trying out new strategies! I'm judging each stage by its latest interpretation, which is why Arowana Mall isn't one of my least favorites. It saw some pretty nice improvements in Splatoon 2!


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
S Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png
S2 Stage Camp Triggerfish.png
S2 Stage Ancho-V Games.png
S2 Stage Wahoo World.png
S Stage Flounder Heights.png
Museum d'Alfonsino Camp Triggerfish Ancho-V Games Wahoo World Flounder Heights

Least favorites

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
S2 Stage Musselforge Fitness.png
S2 Stage Walleye Warehouse.png
S Stage Saltspray Rig.png
S2 Stage Starfish Mainstage.png
S2 Stage Port Mackerel.png
Musselforge Fitness Walleye Warehouse Saltspray Rig Starfish Mainstage Port Mackerel

Favorite Shifty Stations

Since it feels wrong to put them in the same category as all the other stages, here's the Shifty Station variations I enjoyed playing on most!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
S2 Stage The Bunker Games.png
S2 Stage Bridge to Tentaswitchia.png
S2 Stage MC.Princess Diaries.png
S2 Stage Gusher Towns.png
S2 Stage Wayslide Cool.png
The Bunker Games Bridge to Tentaswitchia MC.Princess Diaries Gusher Towns Wayslide Cool

Pages I've created

Not including redirects, talk pages, or file uploads here. These are full pages that I initially created.


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