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Description: A place to repair the old mission pages for Octo Canyon

S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes
  • Press Button1 ZL.png to enter squid form, and swim through that ink!
  • Cover enemy ink with your ink to move through it.
  • Hide in your ink with Button1 ZL.png. You'll recover ink while hiding.
  • Jump through that squid ring with Button1 B.png.
  • Not a lot of cover here. Hide in the ink with Button1 ZL.png and move slowly so it doesn't see you.
  • Toss a bomb with Button1 R.png to distract that shielded slob, then splat him in the back!
  • Ah, a Launchpad.
  • Hmm…Not bad.
  • Remember, you can look around with Button1 RS.png!
  • "Woo! I'm impressed. Now hop onto that Launchpad.
  • Hit that Balloon Fish with some ink to pop it!
  • Ah, a vault. We'll need to find a key to open that.
  • You can turn into a squid (Button1 ZL.png) to slip through grates.
  • There's the key.
  • Now use the key to open the vault!
  • You're a natural. Onward!
  • You want that armor. Trust me.
  • If you're hurt or overwhelmed, retreat and catch your breath. That's combat 101!
  • Nice.
  • Don't forget to strafe and backstep while you're shooting.
  • You… You're still alive! This crazy plan might work after all.
  • Toss a bomb with Button1 R.png to distract enemies, then attack while their backs are turned!
  • Well done.
  • Don't look down. Or do. Whatever.
  • Wow. You must REALLY hate balloons.
  • Pro tip: you can slip through grates in squid form (Button1 ZL.png).
  • Remember: you can reset the camera with Button1 Y.png!
  • Stay alert. You never know what might be on the other side of a wall.
  • AMBUSH! Cook these clowns!
  • Tenta Missiles! Click Button1 RS.png to activate 'em, then fire 'em with Button1 ZR.png.
  • Well done.
  • Now we’re cookin'!
  • There it is! Bust in and grab that Zapfish!


S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes
S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon's Request & Level Quotes
Let's get moving. Ok, take this with you. It'll help me gather some practical battle data.
Huh. There are Rolonium bundles here. This is the Hero Roller! You can fling a big wall of ink while on the ground with Button1 ZR.png.
Perfect. Or you can press Button1 ZR.png in midair to fling a longer, narrower stream of ink!
There you go with your impulsive secret-finding again… You can also hold Button1 ZR.png while moving to roll ink all over the ground!
Octopods incoming! Hit the Rolonium bundles to charge them with your ink!
More Octopods ? So annoying. Jump here and swing your roller
Ugh. An Octobomber. Pasteurize this dirtbag! Yeah, like that! Your vertical swing inked the area in a flash, right?
Get cooked, Octoslob! It's the Sting Ray! Arm it with Button1 RS.png, the fire with Button1 ZR.png!
By the way-Octohurlers throw Rolonium at you. I thought you might want to know.
What a pro.
There's a launchpad in the back, but first you have to get past those Octohurlers
Uhh… Trap
Called it!
No rest for the squidkid!
Look! The Zapfish!
Nice work.
Just a little farther!
Well done!

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