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Shooter vs Dualies
Expected Time:
May 1st, 2:00 PM-7:00 PM EST
Break time:
5:00 PM-6:00 PM EST
Color Set:
Rock vs. Pop
40% 60%
Battles won:
11 15

This Minifest is over! I hope everyone had fun and had some good times! Thanks for coming and goodbye! Sincerly -Announcement sign guy, Awildmusk(Hablo español?)

(And thanks to Yaxops Banter! For, y'know, hosting the dang thing.)

[And also thanks to WoomyMcBoomy , for organizing and rule setting.]

My first minifest! Somethings, like start time and length, are subject to change, so check the page every so often to make sure nothing has changed if you wanna participate. Make sure to add your username to the team you're on, or if you wanna make a room for the fest, then put your name under fest moderators, as well as your friend code so people can join. Make sure to send a friend request to me and the rest of the fest moderators (if there are any) to join a lobby for the minifest. Spread the news about my minifest! The more the merrier! Thank you!

Next fest will be... Rollers Vs. Sloshers! The winner of this fest and the next will face off against each other in another minifest!


  • MUST wear splatfest tee replica to participate
  • While in battle, you are only allowed to choose from the weapon type you voted for in the fest
  • Synergy bonuses will not be counted
  • Stages will be randomized
  • If someone DC's, then the match will only be counted if the team with the DC wins
  • Alpha team is Dualies, bravo team is Shooters
  • There will be an hour long break in between the play session, in which I will close the lobby for a short period of time. I recommend using that time to eat something and or relax for a bit, take the stress of battling off of your mind.
  • Make sure to send all of the fest moderators a friend request to join!
  • A maximum of 10 players can join per fest moderator. For example, if there's 2 fest moderators, then a maximum of 20 people can join.
  • I may have to switch some players on one team to another team. Please still try to win, even if it's not your own team.
  • You can add your name to fest moderators if there are 4 extra participants after one lobby reaches up to 8 players. Please still enforce the rules listed above, though.

Fest moderators

Yaxops Banter 14:11, 8 April 2021 (UTC) (Because WoomyMcBoomy couldn't host) CODE:1106-4183-9821

Team Shooter

(Rostzwiebel is rooting for shooter!)
(Dynamolink= talk:Dynamo is also rooting for Team Shooter!)

Team Dualies


(Firewave is also rooting for dualies!)

(Same here, for WoomyMcBoomy!)

(And Yawshi Fan as well)