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Hello! I'm Woomynator! I like Splatoon 2 a LOT. I always come here to get the latest info on Splatoon 2. Now I'm trying to make pure gear, and now I know how! I also like to make freinds! If you want to play Splatoon with me, give me your FC! I hope I will be able to see you!

About me: Splatoon 2 | Level: 45 | Most used weapon: Hero shot replica | Highest rank: A- (Splat Zones) | Favorite mode: Turf War | Favorite Fan Made Minigame: Hide and seek | Favorite Hat: Sporty Bobble hat | Favorite Weapon: Kensa Splattershot Pro | Favorite ink color: Golden and Sparkely! | Favorite Splatfest Team: Family 👪 | Favorite Story Character: Marina | Who is best waifu? I think marina is. 💖💖💖💖 | Favorite people to play with: [SRP] Talu and Marigold | Favorite Song: インベーダー☆ My Social Media! | Google+: Colten Ryan | TheArtistUnion: | Bandcamp: