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My in-game character

Hi stranger.

My name's Wyverno, I hope we will be good friends.

Very devoted Splatoon fan. I started playing from the second part, I couldn't catch the first one, it's very sad. This is not the first time on the wiki, I go only for information and news. I love Marie with all my heart ><

About me

Sitting behind the Wyverno is a man from Russia named Nikolai. I am 21 years old and I am a veterinary student. I love to play, draw and listen to music. Feel free to chat about any topic. Ideally I know Russian, English, German, Polish, Estonian, I can talk to anyone and about anything.

About my character

In the game, his name is ワイバーン (it gives me strength ahah), his real name is Harpy, he is 18 years old and loves N-ZAP '89. Wears Special-Forces Beret, Pullover Coat and Navy Enperrials.


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