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Wednesday August 4th, 2021

TC gone wrong!

This was my first Ranked match of the day and I knew something was wrong. My team had a disconnect early in the match. I was using the Kensa Splatterscope on Ancho-V Games and around the 3:30 mark, I had settled myself near the Arcade Machine. Then this Inkling with the Kensa Splat Roller splatted me and then TELEPORTED to the tower, which was on the opposite end from where I was. Then that's when I noticed that the tower was not moving when a player got on it. Then the Inkling with the Kensa Splat Roller disconnected. I waited a couple of minutes and then an Inkling with a Soda Slosher disconnected. Then the timer hit 0:00 and the game did not end and didn't go in overtime either. Then an Inkling with a Hydra Splatling disconnected. There was one person left on the other team who wasn't attempting to get on the tower(I assumed they knew that the tower wasn't moving). I hopped on to the tower with my two other teammates wondering why the tower STILL isn't moving. Then the TOWER teleported and the match ended and we won. Even after we won, I was still amazed about what the HECK happened in that match.