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Military Weapons

Octo Shot and Other Octoling Units

The Octo Shot is a Shooter wielded by Octoling soldiers. The Sub weapon for the Octo Shot is a Splat Bomb while the Special weapon is the Inkjet. The Octolings also can wield several other weapons based on the Hero Weapons from Octo Canyon.

Octotrooper Units

Octotroopers are the most common Octarian units used by DJ Octavio. They come in three different varieties, each piloting a similar assault vehicles that run on Power Eggs. The basic Octotrooper fires a single slow moving blob of Ink at the player while the other unnamed variant fires two globs that bounce in a straight line that can be an immediate splat if caught by both. The Twintacle Octotrooper acts more tougher than the other two variants and rapidly fires ink at the player making it more challenging to get up close especially if there's more than one.

Copter Units

Copters are a type of Octarian weapon that allows the soldier to both fly and fire at the enemy. Each model has a different attack function with the basic Octocopter being able to fire a single blob of ink quite like the Octotrooper while the others have there own unique abilities. The Octobomber is able to fire a single Splat Bomb at the player but is also a bigger and slower target. Then there's the Octostriker and Missile Octocopters. These two types of units have a much more wider range for their attacks, the Octostriker being able to fire an Inkstrike while the Missile Octocopters can fire several Tenta Missiles.

Octosniper Units

Octosniper Units are a type of Charger engineered by the Octarians. It is used by a single Octarian and has the best range out of any charger shown in the series so far. However, because it is stationary, it has some major flaws.

Octocommando Units

Octocommando Units are a Splatling made by the Octarian army. It is quite similar to the Octosniper with having great power but it also has many flaws. Like the Octosniper, it is stationary, but it also has to power down in order to give the soldier some time to breathe.


Octoseekers are giant flying vehicles piloted by a Twintacle Octotrooper. They mainly are used to patrol certain areas to keep the enemy from progressing. When the pilot (or possibly the Octoseeker itself) spots the player, it will attempt to crush them with the bottom of the vehicle.


Most weapons in the Octarian army are able to be modified in some way in whether for defense, stealth, or power. Octotroopers are able to be given shields and diving equipment for their vehicles. Most Octarian weapons are able to be upgraded with a pair of special motors, upgrading the speed of the vehicle and also making it a more difficult target to splat.



Octopod are a one of the most common Octobots to be used by the Octarians. Their method of attack is by running straight towards the enemy and then exploding when close in proximity. Another variant exists called the Octorpedo, which has the ability to fly like a proper missile.


Squee-Gs are a unique type of Octarian machine that is used for cleaning up Inkling or Octarian Ink. Basic Squee-Gs can be placed on walls to hinder the enemy but can easily be avoided. Industrial Squee-Gs however can also be used as Military Weapons as they will attempt to Splat any large source of Ink, the only con being that this includes Octarian soldiers as well.


Ink Pistons

Octostamp DX

Octo Washers

Great Octoweapons

A Sunken Scroll showing how Octoweapons are made

Special Armor


Octostamp Armor

Tentakook Helmets

Power Sources


Power Eggs

Goal Points


Launch Pads

Vaults and Keys

Balloon Fish



Sponge Blocks

Ink Cannon

Propeller Lifts


Invisible Platforms



Dash Tracks


Ride Rails




Bounce Pads

Ink Switch

Octoballer Spawns


Eight Ball

Fail Balloon


Security Lasers