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Template for mutual exclusives:

Mutual exclusivity

Since this ability is found as the main ability only on (shoes/clothing/headgear), other abilities found only on (shoes/clothing/headgear) are mutually exclusive with it; in other words you cannot have them together. These abilities are (if shoes:)Bomb Sniffer, and Ink Resistance Up, and Stealth Jump. (if clothing:)cold blooded, Recon, and haunt, and Ninja Squid. In addition, since wearing the Splatfest Tee is mandatory during a Splatfest, these abilities cannot be used for the duration of those events. (if headgear:)tenacity, Last-Ditch Effort, and Opening Gambit, and comeback. (remember to remove the reference to the ability itself, and the extra ands.)

don't mind me, just trying to read tea leaves.

Updates vs. splatfests

the following is a list of update dates and the splatfest that most closely followed it.

june 2nd, 2015

U:june 30th," SP:NA:July 4(5 days);EU:same;JP:july 3(4 days) August 5th," SP:NA:august 7th(2 days);eu:august 8th(3d);JP:august 22nd(17d) September 2nd," SP:NA:Sept 18(16d);eu:sept. 19(17d);JP:sept. 12(10d) October 20th," SP:oct. 30th(10d);EU:nov. 7th(18d);JP:oct.31(11d) November 12th," SP:NA:Dec. 4(22d);EU:dec. 12(30d);JP:Nov. 21st(9d) December 17th," SP:NA:dec. 18(1d);EU:Jan 1(15d);JP:Dec. 26(9d) January 19th,2016 SP:NA:feb 19(31d);EU:jan. 30th(11d);JP:jan. 23rd(4d) March 9th," sp:na: mar 19(10d);EU:mar. 19th(10d);Jp:mar. 12(3d) ?june 7th?

average wait time: NA:12.125 EU:13.625 JP:8.375 total:11.375 total median and mode: 10 my guess: next splatfest no sooner than june 17th

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