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Similar to my work on other wikis, this is a more organized and condensed version of all the maintenance categories and to-do sections in one place. This project is open to anyone to work on and I encourage people to help out. While most is self explanatory, other notes may be listed under sections. Please remove links once you're done making the required changes. Any page or file pending deletion that is still used on this page should just be deleted.

Redirect and Pages Work

Page Quality

Naturally, these should have more content written for them! If it makes more sense to, pages should instead be merged into other spaces. Consider these high-priority stubs. This list is an aggregate of stubs, incomplete articles, to-dos, and the top 15 shortest articles.

Pages With Coding Errors

Something's wrong with these. Combination of several different categories.

Pages with broken files

Most of these seem pretty userspace/signature issues. Those don't necessarily need to be fixed, but if a solution can be made, that would be great.

Wanted Work

These pages should be written, or have a red link removed by deletion or replacing its use with a proper link.

Wanted Categories

Wanted Templates

Wanted Files

Wanted Pages

Unused Work

Use them or delete them!

Unused Categories

  • Category:Active rights requests — Slate: Valid unused
  • Category:Pages pending protection — Slate: Valid unused
  • Category:Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags — Slate: Valid unused
  • Category:Pages with dead links — Slate: Valid unused
  • Category:Policy proposals — Slate: Valid unused
  • Category:The Ink is Spreading — Slate: Needs images have tagged accordingly
  • (Resolved)

Unused Templates

Unused Images

I am only adding the larger groups of images here that would in theory go on the same or similar pages, due to the sheer size of the category.

Unused media

Switch SVG icons

3D renders


Icon contest

PDF files

Battle Lobby

Uncategorized Work

Uncategorized Categories

How meta.

Uncategorized Files


Uncategorized Templates

Poorly named files

Redirects Needing Correction

These are redirects that should be deleted, but still have pages that link to them. These should be corrected then flagged for deletion.

shared links

These pages have multiple link fixes to be done in one step. This shows all links to correct on a page and the new name to list them as.




User:Nick the Splatoon Fanboy/Shooter

Weapon brand



User:P.J. GT/Info Archive

User:P.J. GT/Sandbox

Octo Canyon (mode)