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Sorry, but there's a template for that

{{cost|<game>|<price>|<currency>}} would be far more elegant for use on List of locker decorations in Splatoon 3 than what is currently there. I may be able to edit the template to add Fish Scales. Just a silly little goose ^.^ (talk | contribs) 23:56, 26 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

hey! wasn't aware of this template at all, will add it to the table soon :) fish scale addition sounds great! Yoshifan52 (talk) 00:12, 27 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The template has been edited. Just a silly little goose ^.^ (talk | contribs) 11:19, 27 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Autopatrolled status

Hey Yoshifan52, I added you to the autopatrol group. This means that staff will no longer be required to review your edits. There are no other changes. Users are generally placed in this group when they are active, experienced, and extremely unlikely to breach Inkipedia policy. Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun editing! Heddy (talk) 00:46, 11 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks, I appreciate being marked as a quality editor :). Hopefully this lessens the patrollers' workloads. I'm curious, was this part of a mass-rollout of these rights to a group of chosen editors or is it given on a case by case basis? Yoshifan52 (talk) 01:49, 11 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
It's always case by case. In this case, patrollers were specifically requesting for you to be autopatrolled. Heddy (talk) 01:55, 11 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I see, thanks! Yoshifan52 (talk) 02:08, 11 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Your deletion request for Side Order videos

I see that you requested deletion for File:S3 Side Order Teaser Clip 5.webp and others due to a gif replacement, but I don't think that's a suitable replacement due to gif being lower quality than a true video format such as webp. If you want something that the wiki can generate a thumbnail and playback for, then I suggest uploading mp4 files. What do you think? Heddy (talk) 03:29, 14 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I agree that .gifs aren't adequate replacements for .webps, but I hadn't thought about .mp4s as an alternative option at all. I do think that would work much better. I can upload .mp4 versions very soon :) I'll switch them out on the Side Order page then mark the .gifs up for deletion too. Thanks so much for the suggestion! Yoshifan52 (talk) 03:47, 14 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Great. Thanks! Heddy (talk) 03:50, 14 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Done :) Yoshifan52 (talk) 05:31, 14 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Patroller promotion

Congratulations on receiving patroller rights! You will now have:

  • Exclamation points on the recent changes page, next to each un-reviewed edit.
  • A [mark as reviewed] button on diff pages. Click it after you have reviewed an edit, so that other staff members know that all necessary review and action has been completed for that edit.
  • A rollback button on the recent changes page. It instantly reverts multiple edits to a page. This should only be used for reverting vandalism and spam, because it doesn't have the option of leaving an edit summary.
    • You can add a confirmation prompt to this button (to prevent accidental clicks) at: Special:Preferences > Appearance > Show a confirmation prompt when clicking on a rollback link

You may add your details to the staff list.

If you have not already, join us in Discord, where you will get access to the staff channel. This is the best way to get help from admins and chat about ideas.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please make good use of your new tools, and have fun editing! Heddy (talk) 22:03, 17 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thank you :)! Yoshifan52 (talk) 23:24, 17 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Thanks for help with that article. I deeply appreciate it Sunyatta (talk) 15:13, 1 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No problem. 👍 Yoshifan52 (talk) 22:58, 2 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I need a little more help. You see, I've noticed the Umibozu Road Jersey appeared even the Splatoon 3's release in a promotional video showcasing the Slosher weapon. Since it may be outside of my reach, could you find the video and include it as a source? Sunyatta (talk) 19:16, 8 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Sorry for the inconvenience, it's already done. I include the sources, just as you ask Sunyatta (talk) 19:23, 8 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Nice catch, and nice work! Yoshifan52 (talk) 21:39, 9 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

hello it seems as that the spring fest logo of splatoon 2 is missing thay only have one with a background at the moment i was hoping that you could add that Roxy (talk) 15:23, 12 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Nice catch, thanks for the heads-up! I'll take a look into this soon; unfortunately a lot of Splatfest-related data like that logo is hard to recover now that the event is over. I'll let you know if I'm able to track it down. Yoshifan52 (talk) 03:34, 14 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
have you managed to find it? Roxy (talk) 18:32, 8 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hey Roxy, I wasn't able to find it myself, but then asked some dataminer colleagues and they directed me to where the image is within the files. Here's the texture! Thanks for your follow-up reply, it reminded me to try looking again :) Yoshifan52 (talk) 05:12, 15 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Something to clarify

Hey Yoshifan52, I think that there are some things that should be clarified about your recent comment on my talk page saying that I was starting or engaging in an Edit War.

First off, I had not known what an Edit War was until your recent comment on my talk page about it. But I also didn't fully read the Inkipedia Policy, which I believe every user is asked to do when creating an account on this wiki. While I do apologize for this oversight, I also want to clarify that I wasn't reverting the edit of the other user because of my disagreement on the correction. What I believe happened is that I added the following sentence: "This Splatfest happened to fall in the Summer season, in which frozen treats such as Ice Cream is often enjoyed", and once I saved it the page, I saw an error on my post where I used "is" instead of "are" when referring to "frozen treat(s)" which is plural. But before I saved a second time, I noticed that the words "ice cream" were uncapitalized. I thought that the website did this, since the edit happened so fast, but I didn't know that it was a user who made the edit (which I now realize was correct of them to do), and so I changed it back to the term being capitalized, while changing "is" to "are" in the same edit. So I was surprised to see a warning on my talk page when getting back on inkipedia. I am now aware that this was a mistake on my part, and I once again apologize. But I do ask for you to let me know mistakes I make in the future in a nicer way. I am somewhat new to the wiki, and was surprised to see someone warning me about a block on my account. I hope you understand what happened now and I apologize for the confusion. Have a good rest of your week.

-N1ntendo- -N1ntendo- (talk) 00:17, 22 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey -N1ntendo-, I'm glad to hear it was an honest mistake! I didn't mean to scare you with the warning I left; I apologize for being so brief. To clarify, blocks are only placed on accounts that ignore warnings made by staff and continue moderately disruptive editing behavior; in your case you're quite a ways away from the point that would lead me to request action is taken against you, so don't worry. All I wanted to do was inform you that your editing pattern on that article unfortunately appeared not up to standard from an outsider's perspective, and to watch out for that.
High traffic pages such as upcoming Splatfest articles are very likely to be edited by others in quick succession, sometimes even at the same time as one another(!), so I highly recommend double checking via inspecting the last few entries on the article's history page before fixing anything. Again though, you have nothing to worry about as long as you stick to policy. Let me know if you have any other concerns. Yoshifan52 (talk) 01:35, 22 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Add fist bumps for Victory Twist and Ready Stance

I just got both of these emotes, and if you'll get them too, we could do a recording for both of them. I will dress up as Hiroooooo and you can dress up as VeronIKA. Let's finish our fist bumps off! I'll open the room, so my pool is KPOfficial26. My username is in glitched letters: ClydeSato?#2119. Let's wait until somebody else would come in and we could start. KPOfficial26 (talk) 14:31, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey KPOfficial26, unfortunately I don't have the last two catalog emotes unlocked yet, so I can't record these! Also, I'm not typically available all-day for things like this, I can't join right now. Thanks for the offer, but I already have a thread set up in the Discord chat full of people who can help once I'm ready.
Something very important to note is for the recording of all emotes (fist bump or otherwise) we really prefer that the recordings are done with a capture card, rather than the Switch record function. I noticed you uploaded some Sizzle Season emote recordings: did you use a capture card for them? Yoshifan52 (talk) 20:50, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
No, I used Switch recordings, trimmed them, sent it to my phone, then adjusted it so that it looks like the recordings that the other uploader made. I took some effort by trying to test cropping and muting the video. KPOfficial26 (talk) 22:45, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Oh, I see! The other uploader used capture card recordings to my knowledge; I'll work on replacing yours with higher quality clips soon. In the future, please leave this emotes recording process to those with capture cards. Yoshifan52 (talk) 22:48, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks! I don't have a capture card yet, so how can I get one? KPOfficial26 (talk) 22:49, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Capture cards are pieces of equipment that route a game console's video to a computer for recording and/or streaming. They're unfortunately expensive ($150 minimum, anything cheaper than that doesn't do a good enough job), and need to be set up and checked properly in a tedious process to get high quality video. You would need a capture card, a strong enough computer, a Switch, and several HDMI cables to start recording for this wiki. If you're in the USA I believe places like Best Buy sell those cards directly in store? I recommend looking at external Elgato capture cards (not the internal ones) if you're interested, such as the HD60 S or the HD60 X. Yoshifan52 (talk) 23:26, 7 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Real-life references

Is it alright, if I reference real-life gear inspirations in trivia?

Example: "Zebrafish Hi-Tops can be inspired by Converse Run Star Motion" Sunyatta (talk) 18:35, 29 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey Sunyatta, it would be fine to note that the gear strongly resembles an IRL shoe line style. Please refer to the related policy page for more information.
That being said, I think you should avoid the phrasing "can be inspired by". I would phrase the trivia point as "the Zebrafish Hi-Tops highly resemble Converse's Run Star Motion platform sneakers", to keep things professional-sounding. Yoshifan52 (talk) 02:49, 31 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

What happened here?

Hi, yesterday I uploaded the screenshots of the Deep Cut Amiibo gear, but later I saw that they were removed by you. Did I do something wrong? SplatoonQueen (talk) 12:18, 20 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Do you mean your additions to the characters' galleries? If so, these galleries are for images directly depicting the characters in question or for other images linked to their lore (example: logos). amiibo gear is inspired by the characters and therefore does not go there Anemoia [Talk!] 14:47, 20 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
oh.. I'm pretty sure (I could be wrong) that the pages for the gear I would have added it to, is currently non-existent, so I thought the gallery of the character I had put it on would work. Turns out I was wrong =| SplatoonQueen (talk) 17:14, 20 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thank you

Thank you for undoing my edit to the 'List of Tableturf Battle Cards in Splatoon 3' page. I wasn't sure how to undo it myself and was worried that I'd permanently ruined it.(Thank you again.) EelFortune (talk) 08:21, 20 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey EelFortune, glad I could help! Nice job catching that the Octoling was mistakenly listed as an Inkling! And don't worry, the wiki software saves backups for nearly everything, so it's very hard to break things permanently.

To undo an edit, you must navigate to the specific edit you want undone via the page's history (backup) tab, and select the "(undo)" link that appears beside the revision's labelling. To demonstrate, here is the history tab for the Tableturf Battle cards list article, and here is the specific revision (individual edit published) you made, where I clicked "undo"; revisions can be examined via clicking the "cur"/"prev" links found on the history tab.

In the future, if you find you've made a page-breaking mistake in the middle of an edit, know you aren't obliged to save the current version of the edit; you can always exit the tab and re-do the edit. In cases where exiting the tab would make you lose a lot of hard work, know that you can copy specific text from the wiki editor onto your device, close the editing tab, then re-open a "fresh" version of the editing interface, and paste your edits back in. Personally, I keep a plain text file on my desktop as a scratchpad for that purpose.
Additionally, the "Review your changes" button on the pop-up that appears when completing an edit lets you double-check your edit by highlighting the exact changes you're making to an article. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Yoshifan52 (talk) 08:55, 20 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Spire of order

Hi you know that the spire of order I think side order villain is Marina because she was jealous of pearl winning final splatfest Mikaeel (talk) 13:06, 2 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

hello @Mikaeel Lorie here i just wanted to notify you that during the S2 Final-fest that Marina was a little bit jealous of pearl winning the final fest and pearl also said in her final fest dialog "And I've made up my mind."" ""It's time for Off the Hook to break" as a joke however they did break up at some point in splatoon 3, Marina Ida's role in side order remains unknown since she was not seen in the trailers physically only a photo of her in the first trailer and the final trailer we saw Both off the hook members in the promo artwork for side order's release date trailer. stay fresh Florescent/Lorie (talk) 13:25, 2 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
But I still think the enemy is Marina ok Mikaeel (talk) 13:28, 2 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
If you guys want to discuss theories, please do so on your own pages. Anemoia [Talk!] 13:40, 2 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
👌 Florescent/Lorie (talk) 13:41, 2 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

SO Emojis

Hi there! I'm looking forward improving this file. I saw that u also uploaded these icons so I was wondering if you would have similar PNGs for the first one (two PNGs, one for each frame). Tnx! wmyttmlimvty [Talk!] 21:01, 15 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Sure thing! Here you are. Yoshifan52 (talk) 00:17, 16 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Uploaded a new version of the file here , this is also the first APNG uploaded to this wiki, which is a format that we are still testing with Trig. We won't replace the old version till we verify that the new one works as expected (seems like it's not being animated properly atm). wmyttmlimvty [Talk!] 15:02, 18 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Aand unfortunately seems like for now apngs can only be displayed at 36px or above cannot be thumbnailed at lower resolutions than half their original res. due to current limitations of the image handler (imagemagick) that will be tried to fix at the end of the summer or so wmyttmlimvty [Talk!] 15:47, 18 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Aw, it's a shame .apngs have such limitations. Worth a shot though! I wonder if it would alternatively be possible to animate it via css? Yoshifan52 (talk) 21:42, 18 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
No idea, I think Trig is working on a fix for apngs tho wmyttmlimvty [Talk!] 00:23, 19 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

How to contact an admin privately?

Sorry for the specific request. I'm having quite a few problems with some members of this wiki and I would like to talk with either you or any admin privately to discuss the issue. Spleet (talk) 10:14, 30 May 2024 (UTC) Spleet (talk) 10:14, 30 May 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey there, sorry to hear you've been having such issues! For private communication with administrators you have two options: you could send an e-mail, or join our Discord server and from there navigate to an admin's DMs. For e-mailing, there's an "Email [username]" link (on this page it says "Email Yoshifan52") on the left-hand sidebar on user pages; you would navigate to the userpage of the admin you'd like to contact and use that link. Yoshifan52 (talk) 21:30, 30 May 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Okay, I'll send an email! thank you so much! Spleet (talk) 06:32, 31 May 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Spelling errors on files

Lately I've been making mistakes in my spelling in terms because of... rushing to get them in as soon as possible. Or me staying up at 3 am.

How do I revert spelling errors in file names? Is it even possible for normal users to do that? {ЯR}・Veron 18:53, 1 June 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Reverting the errors is not possible. You just have to move the file to the correct name, update the file name on whatever pages it was added to, and mark the old one for deletion. Be sure to link the new file name in the delete template. A staff member can also move a file without leaving a redirect behind. FancyRat 18:55, 1 June 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

About Jackpot

Hey Yoshifan52! What's up!

So... I was gonna talk about Jackpot's Future on the article's talk page but... you know... I just wanted to know if it was okay for when they disband, we state the reason why... But I'm on the edge on whether or not it's a good idea.

I'm thinking... Maybe we shouldn't list the reason why they disbanded for the sake of not tugging the reader's strings. But maybe we should list it because that would be censorship if we didn't show the reason why. What do you think? {ЯR}・Veron 00:55, 13 June 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hey Veron, staff was discussing this internally yesterday and for now we've decided to wait a few days and let the dust settle a bit before updating that team's page. We'll likely add a brief controversy section regarding community backlash without detailing the players' exact offensive statements directly, as it wouldn't be wiki appropriate. Competitive player conduct tends to not be within wiki scope, but in this case the severe broader community reaction is significant enough to warrant a brief mention.
Don't worry, it's on our radar to deal with ASAP. If the team disbands because of this we'll update the page accordingly but last I heard, the team is still together. Yoshifan52 (talk) 01:07, 13 June 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]