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Vending machines appear in the Splatoon series. They provide items such as snacks, beverages, cash and Crust Bucket Tickets.


Vending machine logo in Splatoon.

In Splatoon, a company logo (referred to as "Express" with the release of Big Swig Roller Express in Splatoon 3) appears on vending machines and on containers with drinks. There are Blue and White variants.

Locations of vending machines:

Splatoon 2

Vending machine logo in Splatoon 2.

In Splatoon 2, a different company logo is used for vending machines. The old Express vending machines logo no longer appears on vending machines, instead appearing on the special weapons, the Inkjet and Tenta Missiles.

Locations of vending machines:

Octo Expansion

A vending machine can be found in the back of A00 Central Station. The look of the vending machine is very different compared to other vending machines found elsewhere in Inkopolis due to the disconnect between the areas. It is turned off and unusable for the majority of the campaign, but upon returning to the Deepsea Metro after the completion of Turf War, C.Q. Cumber informs Agent 8 that they can now use it, with it now being turned on with the lights glowing. Talking to C.Q. Cumber again will inform Agent 8 that they can travel to any qualifying stations marked on the map and talk to him on the platform to receive a mem medal. Agent 8 can collect ten mem medals, and they are used to redeem items from the vending machine.

There are ten mem medals to collect. After spending all of the mem medals Agent 8 has on them, the vending machine reverts to spending 15,000 CQ Points for an item.

Medal Reward
First One drink ticket
Second 20,000 CQ Points
Third Three of the same ability chunks
Fourth 20,000 cash
Fifth Three drink tickets
Sixth Five of the same ability chunks
Seventh One Galactic Seanwich food ticket
Eighth 40,000 cash
Ninth One Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle food ticket
Tenth Fourteen drink tickets, one for each drink

Splatoon 3: Side Order

In Splatoon 3: Side Order, Vending-Machine Corners appear as optional floors within the Spire of Order. A vending machine corner takes the place of a challenge floor, and the player can spend Membux there to purchase replacement lives, color chips, sub and special weapons, and Prlz. Vending Machine corners appear on random floors but will be guaranteed to appear on 5F if the player passed 5F on their previous run, and Marina can hack the Spire to make them appear on 15F and 25F as well. They also always appear on 11F and 21F. The vending machine resembles the ones in Inkopolis Plaza, and the rug below it resembles Spyke's rug in Splatoon.



Splatoon 2

Octo Expansion

Splatoon 3

Side Order


  • The Express logo debuted Splatoon bears resemblance to the Japanese word じはんき, meaning "vending machine."

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese じはんき
Ji hanki
Vending machine
Netherlands Dutch Verkoopautomaat Vending machine
Italy Italian Distributore automatico Vending machine
Russia Russian Консервомат
From консервы konservy ("conserves", "canned food") and автомат avtomat ("vending machine")
China Chinese (Simplified) 自动贩卖机
Zìdòng fànmàijī
Vending Machine