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Species Inkling
Hair color Aqua blue, with a shade of red
Eye color Red
Gender Male
You will fall before the X.
— Vintage in Volume 10 of the manga.

Vintage is a character in the Splatoon manga. He first appeared in Volume 8 and is a member and leader of Team X-Blood.


Vintage is a male Inkling who wears Fake Contacts, Takoroka Nylon Vintage, and Orca Hi-Tops. He has the "Mush-Cut" hairstyle, and his main weapon is the Ballpoint Splatling. His hair color is aqua blue with a small amount of red at the tips of his tentacles, which is unique to him and his team. He also has a unique red eye color.


Vintage does not talk often. He seems to disapprove of anyone lower than Rank X, calling them "trash", saying it’s impossible to defeat him, or both. He is very calm and cold and does not get flustered easily. He only seems to become angry when an unserious Inkling (such as Gloves) suggests that they possibly could make a good X-Ranker or when Goggles tries to pants him.


  • Vintage has an ability that lets him sense other people's movements, which is known as X-Zone. It seems that only he and Omega have this ability.
  • Skull and Aviators used to be on his team, but left to create Team Purple.
  • Vintage likes extra-spicy food.
  • Vintage and Omega are childhood friends.
  • After the tournament, he secretly hung up a vision board with X-Blood's new goal written on it.
  • He once invited Double-Egg to his favorite restaurant, but it was too spicy for Double-Egg.
  • When getting pantsed, Vintage's privates are censored like other characters, but unlike them who have symbols of their species, Vintage's censor is his team's symbol. He shares this trait with Emperor and Double Egg.