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Crusty Sean's going on a journey, and the more you ink, the more points you'll get to cheer him along. Who knows, he might even bring you a souvenir!
— SplatNet 3

Wandercrust is a feature of SplatNet 3 where players can support Crusty Sean as he travels using Ink Points earned from inking during in-game battles, and starting in version 6.0.0, Salmon Run Next Wave shifts as well.


Wandercrust is split into several journeys, which are themselves further split up into a number of sub-goal locations that require certain amounts of points to complete. As they complete each location in a journey, players will be rewarded with "souvenirs" for helping, including special wallpapers for their smart device, transparent "stickers" of various graffiti seen in-game, titles, and upon completion of a journey, an in-game gear item. This feature is similar to SplatNet 2's ink milestones.

Notably, unlike most other forms of progression-based goals such as player level, catalogs, and freshness, Wandercrust points can still be gained from both Private Battles and Private Jobs in Salmon Run Next Wave.


Image Journey Number Name Locations Completion Reward Journey Description Note
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 1.png Journey 1 The Journey Begins 10 Stay Crusty Cap
Stay Crusty Cap
If you're gonna swim the seas, you'd better start paddlin'! -
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 2.png Journey 2 The Journey Continues 10 Fry Tops
Fry Tops
I pedal faster not because I have more legs but because of my gear ratio. -
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3.png Journey 3 The Journey Ends 10 Crispy Crustume
Crispy Crustume
The path to enlightenment is paved with ink. -
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 4.png Journey 4 A Journey Reborn 10 Frivolous Paw Suit
Frivolous Paw Suit
When one thing ends, another thing begins. Counts only points gained from Chill Season 2023 onward.
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 5.png Journey 5 It's about the Journey 10 Burden of Floof
Burden of Floof
Don't ask where you're headed. Ask where you are. Counts only points gained from Fresh Season 2024 onward.

Journey 1

Hey, what's kraken? Crusty Sean here, lookin' for folks to help me as I set out for the Splatlands. That place has been SERIOUSLY heating up lately, and I wanna make sure I get a deep-fried piece of the fun. I've also heard the wilds out there are straight-up double-battered in treasure if you know where to sift. Can't ask for a juicier tip than that! Alright, time to make my debut. Wish me luck, everyone!
— Crusty Sean's introduction
Image Location Points Required Reward Crusty Sean's Comments
S3 Stage Scorch Gorge.png 1. Scorch Gorge 2500p Wallpaper I love to imagine I'm frying high in the clear blue sky here!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 1 Challenge 2.png 2. Halfway to Splatsville 8000p Graffiti (Sticker) I love the "clacking" sound trains make. Sounds like a huge deep fryer!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 1 Challenge 3.png 3. Splatsville 8000p Wallpaper This city is SIZZLIN' with life! Yow!
S3 Stage Eeltail Alley.png 4. Eeltail Alley 13000p Graffiti (Sticker) Ah, the crispy crunch of new school wrapped around a juicy core of old school... What a flavor!
S3 Stage Hagglefish Market.png 5. Hagglefish Market 13000p Wallpaper So many tasty smells... My mouth's waterin' so bad, I'm getting soggy!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 1 Challenge 6.png 6. Tableturf Battle Dojo 23000p Crusty Sean Card Sleeves You played this game yet? It's got a crunch that just doesn't quit!
S3 Stage Undertow Spillway.png 7. Undertow Spillway 13000p Wallpaper Look at the SIZE of this place. And the best part? It's technically self-washing!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 1 Challenge 8.png 8. Ammo Knights 16000p Wallpaper Hey, you! What's kraken?
S3 Stage Sockeye Station.png 9. Sockeye Station 16000p Wallpaper Word is someone made a lot of dough here. Or maybe it was breading...
S3 Stage Mincemeat Metalworks.png 10. Mincemeat Metalworks 33333p "Crusty Traveler" Title What kind of monster throws out a perfectly good tempura pot? That is SO not cool.

Journey 2

Hey, gang! I've decided that my next stop on the Wandercrust Tour will be Greater Inkopolis. I actually grew up in the area, but I haven't been back in a hot minute. So this journey will be all about self-discovery. I want to examine my soggy past and work on making my future as crispy as possible. After all, if you're not double frying, you're not trying. Right?!
— Crusty Sean's introduction
Image Location Points Required Reward Crusty Sean's Comments
S3 Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png 1. Museum d'Alfonsino 10000p Wallpaper Much like fried food fills the belly, art fills the soul.
S3 Stage Inkblot Art Academy.png 2. Inkblot Art Academy 33333p Graffiti (Sticker) The cafeteria here is a real hot spot. They're frying with oil!
S3 Stage Hammerhead Bridge.png 3. Hammerhead Bridge 20000p Wallpaper It's too windy here! My crispy golden coat is blowing away!
S3 Stage Sturgeon Shipyard.png 4. Sturgeon Shipyard 33333p Graffiti (Sticker) Welding sounds exactly like deep-frying to me, so this place makes me extremely hungry.
S3 Stage Flounder Heights.png 5. Flounder Heights 30000p Wallpaper There's something in the air here that reminds me of dinnertime. I need to go home.
S3 Stage MakoMart.png 6. MakoMart 33333p Graffiti (Sticker) Whoa! They've come up with a new oil for even deeper frying. And it's on sale!
S3 Stage Mahi-Mahi Resort.png 7. Mahi-Mahi Resort 30000p Wallpaper This place makes my heart race faster than when I spy a basket of deep-fried mozzarella sticks!
S3 Stage Wahoo World.png 8. Wahoo World 33333p Graffiti (Wallpaper) Ooo...roller coasters really batter your body, don't they?
S3 Stage Marooner's Bay.png 9. Marooner's Bay 62100p Wallpaper It can be pretty lonely here. Not a bite to eat as far as the eye can see...
S3 Stage Spawning Grounds.png 10. Spawning Grounds 333333p "Saddle-Straddlin' Cyclist" Title Is it just me, or does the sky look like oil...at a perfect 350 degrees Fahrenheit...

Journey 3

Greasy greetings, my Wandercrusties! It's a little sad, but we're down to the last course on this journey in search of deep-fried meaning. I've still got a big appetite for adventure, so I'm going to hit as many spots as I can—and that means I'll need as many supporters as possible! For an appetizer, I'm looking to visit some of my old haunts in Greater Inkopolis, but don't fret—new and exciting locations are on the menu as well, including spicy spots in the Splatlands. Maybe even a Splatfest! Yes, I'll be musing on my crispy past, my crunchy present, and a batter future for all. Let's get to it!
— Crusty Sean's introduction
Image Location Points Required Reward Crusty Sean's Comments
S3 Stage Um'ami Ruins.png 1. Um'ami Ruins 10000p Wallpaper It's so bright out here...I feel like I'm getting fried!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3 Challenge 2.png 2. Spyke 30000p Graffiti (Sticker) Look who it is! Ah, the sweet sizzle of success—you're doing great!
S3 Stage Brinewater Springs.png 3. Brinewater Springs 33333p Wallpaper I don't know...these hot springs are PRETTY hot, I guess. Not hot enough to fry anything...
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3 Challenge 4.png 4. Crab-N-Go 30000p Graffiti (Sticker) This place is great! I can recommend everything on the menu. I'm already hungry again!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3 Challenge 5.png 5. Splatsville (Sneak Peek) 30000p Graffiti (Sticker) Can't you feel the Splatfest excitement simmering...like a tangy dipping sauce?
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3 Challenge 6.png 6. Splatsville (Splatfest Main Event) 33333p Wallpaper Seems like everyone gets into the spirit of a Splatfest. No soggy vibes in sight!
S3 Stage Sturgeon Shipyard.png 7. Sturgeon Shipyard (Tricolor Turf War) 33333p Wallpaper Aren't Tricolor Turf War battles exciting? Like getting a surprise onion ring with your fries!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 3 Challenge 8.png 8. Splatsville (Big Run) 30000p Wallpaper The sky is just beautiful here, don't you think? Warm, crunchy, and salty. Wait—what were we talking about?
S3 Stage Gone Fission Hydroplant.png 9. Gone Fission Hydroplant 62100p Wallpaper I was told this was just a scenic helicopter tour! Where are we?!
S3 Inkopolis.png 10. Inkopolis 333333p "Streamlined Tempura" Title Ahhh, this is giving me such nostalgia. So many good memories, so many good meals.

Journey 4

What's up, my trusty crusty crew? You know, after I completed the Wandercrust Tour, I took some time for myself and did a lot of thinking about the future. And guess what I realized. The future is what we make of it! I thought...maybe I'll get back out on tour one day... But then I thought...why not now? What am I even waiting for? Strike while the fryer is hot, you know? So, Crusty Sean's Wandercrust Tour continues! I'm challenging myself to keep exploring, keep learning, and keep striving to be the crispiest and crustiest I can be. And you can join in! Thanks to the generous contributions of a new corporate sponsor, I'm pleased to announce that you can all ride or fry with me. With that said—let's get to it! Let's make memories before we ride off into the golden-brown sunset together.
— Crusty Sean's introduction
Image Location Points Required Reward Crusty Sean's Comments
S3 Stage Manta Maria.png 1. Manta Maria 10000p Wallpaper Sailing the saltwater seas is really raising my sodium levels, and that's brine by me!
S3 Stage Barnacle & Dime.png 2. Barnacle & Dime 10000p Wallpaper I threw a coin in the fountain here, but it didn't come out deep-fried like I hoped.
S3 Stage Wahoo World.png 3. Wahoo World (Big Run) 15000p Wallpaper Amusement parks are like a basket of french fries―no fun when they're empty!
S3 Stage Inkblot Art Academy.png 4. Inkblot Art Academy (Big Run) 15000p Wallpaper I came here craving crispy cafeteria food, but it's a little crowded for my taste.
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 4 Challenge 5.png 5. Ammo Knights (Inkopolis) 33333p Wallpaper Love the original location! Nice to meet you, Shelly and Donny!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 4 Challenge 6.png 6. Inkopolis (Splatfest Main Event) 12000p Wallpaper Oh, the nostalgia is hitting me hard... But I can't cry―I'll get all soggy!
S3 Stage Jammin' Salmon Junction.png 7. Jammin' Salmon Junction 20000p Wallpaper This place is huge! You're telling me it's normally overrun with Salmonids? A-are they coming now?
S3 Stage Humpback Pump Track.png 8. Humpback Pump Track 12000p Wallpaper I gotta remember to bring my bike here for a tune-up when I'm done touring!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 4 Challenge 9.png 9. Grizzco 12000p "Wandercrust Booster" title Thought I'd check in with the big boss here! Make sure I'm still sponsored, haha!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 4 Challenge 10.png 10. Crush Station 15000p Graffiti (Sticker) Yo, Mr. Coco! Claw bump! Always fun to kick it with a fellow kicks enthusiast.

Journey 5

I feel like my Wandercrust Tour has helped me get a panhandle on who I want to grow into as a person. Like any good meal, I needed a little more time in the oven. But now the future looks golden! Still, as I travel here and there, I really feel how fast the world moves. We're both caught in a crispy twister, with no idea where we'll land! Wherever it is, we've gotta pick ourselves up and keep going. But I can't do that without more supporters to pave the way. Sean cannot live on breadcrumbs alone! I'll be seeing all the sights, both the moldy oldies and the oil-new. Won't you pitch in to see what I'm cooking up next?!
— Crusty Sean's introduction

Image Location Points Required Reward Crusty Sean's Comments
S3 Stage Crableg Capital.png 1. Crableg Capital 10000p Wallpaper Huh. Is concrete the batter of the construction world? Makes you think.
S3 Stage Shipshape Cargo Co..png 2. Shipshape Cargo Co. 10000p Wallpaper The wind here is perfect for drying off a fresh, crispy coating. I call it a blustery crust!
S3 Stage Salmonid Smokeyard.png 3. Salmonid Smokeyard 15000p Wallpaper I always wanted to try getting smoked instead of fried. I think it'd bring out hidden flavors to my travels!
S3 Stage Undertow Spillway.png 4. Undertow Spillway (Big Run) 15000p Wallpaper Score! I got to ride in a chopper! Hold up...I thought this place was decommissioned. Why's it filled with water?!
S3 Stage Scorch Gorge.png 5. Scorch Gorge (Splatfest Main Event) 20000p Graffiti (Sticker) Scorchin' hot—just how I like my food AND my Splatfests!
S3 Stage Crableg Capital.png 6. Crableg Capital (Splatfest Main Event) 20000p Wallpaper The fireworks crackling in the sky remind me of oil sizzling in a pan!
S3 Stage Robo ROM-en.png 7. Robo ROM-en 15000p Wallpaper Oh man, I LOVE the Mixed Fry Combo they serve here! I'm brothing at the mouth for another bowl!
Crusty Sean Wandercrust Journey 5 Challenge 8.png 8. Shrimp Kicks (Inkopolis Plaza) 33333p Wallpaper Yo, Fred Crumbs! Lookin' crisp, my man! Hey, can I get a squirt of that lemon on my crust?
S3 Stage Bluefin Depot.png 9. Bluefin Depot 15000p Wallpaper I'm thinking of taking a little boat cruise. And not on a gravy boat this time!
S3 Inkopolis Square.png 10. Inkopolis Square 20000p "Tender Resilience" title Hey, it all started here when I ran a food truck! Some memories simmer on the brain forever.


Journey 1
Journey 2
Journey 3
Journey 4
Journey 5


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  • The Wandercrust was considerably toned down compared to SplatNet 2's ink milestones, as it just needs 1,544,363p in total to be fully completed, significantly less than the Inkling and Octoling milestone requirements of 4,652,000p and 26,438,000p, respectively.


Wandercrust comes from wanderlust, a longing to travel, and crust, the external, hardened layer of certain foodstuffs, referring to Crusty Sean.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロブイチ
Netherlands Dutch Pelles Aardboltoer Crusty Sean's Globe Tour
CanadaFrance French L'Odyssée d'Omar Crusty Sean's Odyssey[note 1]
Germany German Shrimpson-Tour Crusty Sean Tour
Russia Russian Закрас-тур
Paint over tour
SpainMexico Spanish La ruta de Adolfrito Crusty Sean's Route
China Chinese (Simplified) 游龙
yóu lóng
From 游 (tour) and 龙虾 (lobster). 游龙 (literally means "swimming dragon") is an Chinese idiom.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 遊龍
yóu lóng
Yóu (遊), journey, an act of traveling from one place to another, lóng (龍) a Chinese dragon, shorten form lobster (龍蝦). This two words also indicates Crusty Sean as a wanderer going on journeys. From part of old Chinese idoms "矯若遊龍".
South Korea Korean 롭케이션
From 롭 (Crusty Sean) and 로케이션 (location).
Ink Points
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 塗りポイント
Nuri pointo
Painting points
Netherlands Dutch Inktpunten Ink points
CanadaFrance French Points d'encrage Inking points
Germany German Färbepunkte Painting points
SpainMexico Spanish Puntos de tinta Ink points
China Chinese (Simplified) 涂墨点数
túmò diǎnshù
Ink points
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 塗墨點數
túmò diǎnshù
Ink points
South Korea Korean 색칠 포인트
saegchil pointeu
Painting points

Translation notes

  1. Also a wordplay on L'Odyssée d'Homère ("Homer's Odyssey").