Wii U Pro Controller

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The Wii U Pro Controller.

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The Wii U Pro Controller is a controller of the Wii U that can only be used in the Battle Dojo mode in Splatoon.


The Wii U Pro Controller is an optional accessory for the Wii U that serves as an alternative to the Wii U GamePad. It acts as the successor to the Wii Classic Controller and was replaced by the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It has the same overall button layout as the Wii U GamePad but with a more traditional controller layout. However, it lacks motion control sensors, camera, NFC Pad, headphone jack and touchscreen.

Battle Dojo

In the Battle Dojo, one player can use the Wii U Pro Controller to play on the TV, to pop as many balloons as they can, against their opponent using the Wii U GamePad. This is the only functionality available for this controller in Splatoon.


  • Left Stick: Primarily used to move the player's Inkling forward, backward, left, and right.
  • Right Stick: Used for menus, such as the weapon select and pause screen.
  • ZL: Allows players to transform into squids. In this form, Inklings can move faster through their own ink and jump farther.
  • ZR: Allows players to splatter ink using their weapon.
  • R: Allows players to use their sub weapon.
  • X: Causes the player's Inkling to jump.
  • Y: Resets the camera angle, allowing for quick corrections.
  • A: Used in menus to select specific actions and options.
  • B: Used to deselect a chosen weapon in the weapon select screen.
  • D-Pad: Can be used in Battle Dojo menus like Left Stick.
  • Plus: Used to pause and resume in in a Battle Dojo match, and adjust the controls on the weapon select screen.


Pro Controller + Wii Remote combo.
  • Multiple Pro Controllers and a Wii U GamePad can be seen inside the Battle Dojo hanging on the wall. There are three white controllers, a black controller and a white GamePad on the left side and two black controllers on the right side.
  • Battle Dojo matches can also be played with a combination of Wii U Pro Controller and a Wii Remote Plus or Wii Remote with a Wii MotionPlus accessory, which was hinted at in Sunken Scroll 26, pictured below. This allows the player using the Wii U Pro Controller to have motion controls. To perform this, the player must hold down on the D-Pad, hold down B, and press ZL and ZR as described on the Splatoon Tumblr, Live from Squid Research Lab.