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Final Splatfest Theme

Splatfest Callie vs Marie.jpg
FlagUSA.svg Callie vs. Marie
Splatfest Callie vs Marie.jpg
FlagEurope.svg Callie vs. Marie
Splatfest Callie vs Marie.jpg
FlagJapan.svg Callie vs. Marie

Previous Themes
(Winners in bold-blue)

North American Splatfest Early Bird vs Night Owl.jpg
FlagUSA.svg Early Bird vs. Night Owl
European Splatfest World Tour vs Space Adventure.jpg
FlagEurope.svg World Tour vs. Space Adventure
Japanese Splatfest Mushroom Mountain vs Bamboo Shoot Village.png
FlagJapan.svg Mushroom Mountain vs. Bamboo Shoot Village


The next set of stages will be chosen in: ...

The final Splatfest, Callie vs. Marie, starts in: 2016/07/22 09:00|Right now!|It's over! Staaaay fresh!